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Amazing journey of Hindu temple of central Indiana

BALBIR SINGH | August 07, 2022 01:06 AM

INDIANAPOLIS: Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Board Member Dr. Rama M. Belagaje said "It gives me a great pleasure to present this report having witnessed and experienced the amazing journey of our temple from the ground breaking to Kumbabhishekam and all the way to the current status."

Dr. Rama M. Belagaje has been involved with the temple activities for the last 22 years, serving as a sevak , treasurer, president, chairman and currently as a board member in charge of religious and puja activities.

The dream of our community to have a temple in Central Indiana started in November 1999, when Geeta Mandal of Indianapolis planted a seed and a group of highly enthusiastic devotees (H7) donated money and land for the construction of the temple.

After 15 years of devotion, financial support and hard work by the community , the construction of the temple was completed and the Maha kumbhabhishekam event was performed with great success in June 2015.
"Seven years passed so quickly since this event to see the magnificent temple with 17 sannidhis and beautiful architecture, to cater the needs of Hindu community in central Indiana and surrounding communities, " says Dr Rama M. Belagaje.

The temple offers all religious services ( such as Archanas, Regular or Special temple puja, private puja at temple or home, vahana puja etc) , Social and educational services ( namely, Balagokulam & Chetna classes for children, yoga classes, Sanskrit classes, Hindi Classes, Vanaprasthi meetings, cultural events etc ), Geeta session (second Sunday of every month), free medical services for non emergency conditions through medical clinic (1st & 3rd Saturday of every month), catering services and facility rental services to all members of our community.

Regarding the financial status, "we have made good progress in the revenue/income but expenses to maintain the temple facilities and perform the above services have increased tremendously due to pandemic situation and inflation. We have recently added two new priests to maintain a staff of five, while the HR team is working to get a visa for one more cook for the kitchen staff and hire an additional priest by the end of this year or sooner. To better serve the community, we have launched a devotee experience survey to share firsthand experiences and feedback for overall improvement of temple services, " discloses Dr Rama M. Belagaje.

Both BOT and EC are working hard to clear all pending loans to make the temple debt free. In order to achieve this goal, "we have launched a project to install “Sahasra Patra Sarana Vriksham” on the wall at the entrance of the main worship hall. This project needs a contribution of $1116 each from 1008 families.
Dr Rama M. Belagaje says "Temples are epitome of Hindu Sanatana Dharma to promote educational, cultural, religious , spiritual & charitable activities. A spiritual community can improve life and help to overcome hardships and to live longer. I am very happy to report that we made great progress both in administrative and operational activities of the temple. Our future goal is to organize more community services and long range capital projects that deem necessary in addition to the regular services mentioned above.

"In order to achieve these activities, we request the entire community to come together and pledge your time and contribution. Without your generous financial support, we cannot achieve our goal. There are many ways for you to support our temple activities as detailed in our website from time to time. Since the beginning of our temple, many volunteers, devotees, donors and supporters have worked hard by giving their time & energy. On behalf of the HTCI board and EC, I thank everyone. I dream of many more good things coming up and around the temple site in the long run. So I request all of you to come to the temple in the years ahead so that it will turn into one of the best religious and spiritual learning centers in the USA. May GOD bless you all."
Dr. Belagaje's wife Nalini ji volunteering at HTCI.

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