Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Wastage due to Improper Storage

Yadavindra S Rana | September 21, 2020 10:41 AM

CHANDIGARH:Lakh of tones food grains damaged or wasted due to lack of cold
stores on one hand and on the other lack of proper storage facilities in the existing
cold storage. According to government statement no wastage of Central Pool
Foodgrains (wheat and rice) stored in godowns of Food Corporation of India (FCI)
can be directly attributed to lack of proper storage facilities. Procured food grains are
stored by FCI in a scientific manner in covered Godowns and Cover and Plinth (CAP)
Inspite of all precautions, some quantity of food grains may get
damaged/become non-issuable during storage due to transit damages viz en route 
damage in wagon/truck, contamination, wagon roof leakage, Natural Calamities like
cyclone/flood etc.
As per government records, in 2017-18, around 0.027 lakh tones food grains
damaged in FCI Godowns compared to 0.05 lakh tones in 2018-19 while the quantum
of food grains damaged in 2019-20 is 0.02 lakh tones.
India is a Member of World Trade Organization (WTO) and the provisions of
the Agreement on Agriculture under the aegis of WTO, restrict exports on commercial
terms from public stockholding.  No import/export for wheat/rice (non-basmati) has
been made from Central Pool Foodgrains Stocks during the last year and the current
year till date.
To meet any contingency situation like drought, a strategic reserve of 20 Lakh
MT of rice and 30 Lakh MT of wheat is maintained at national level at different Food
Corporation of India (FCI) godowns, out of the foodgrains procured at Minimum
Support Price (MSP).
With construction of more cold storage country can save food grains which
can feed around five crore hungry people every day. Many states in the country has no
proper cold stores to keep food grains in safe condition.

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