Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Valediction of Twenty days Vernacular Bridge course to Learn English Program

Yadavindra S Rana | April 20, 2021 07:53 PM

CHANDIGARH: A valedictory function of Twenty days online “Vernacular Bridge Course to Learn
English” for Two hundred teachers from all the nooks and corners of Punjab was held today. This
online program was organized by Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship Development(RCED),
Chandigarh in collaboration with Satnam Sarvkalyan Trust (SST), Mohali.
 The valedictory function was attended by Wg Cdr D.S. Ahluwalia, Chairman(SST) S.Harkirat
Singh, Dr. Kamaljit Singh and S. Surinder Singh Trustees of SST and S. Paramjit Singh, Director and
Prof. Nirmal Datt Advisor RCED. Participants and all trustees appreciated how English has been
taught in a different and easy way.
  A very easy and simple method of teaching English, totally free from grammatical
complexities, called “Vernacular Bridge Course to Learn English” is being used online these days in
RCED, Sector 35B, Chandigarh.
  The inventor of this newly-patented technique to learn English, Prof. Nirmal Datt who,
himself, is taking the online training classes is a former Head of the Department English, DAV
College, Chandigarh. Prof. Datt, who himself in his small Punjab village suffered all the travails of a
Punjabi/Hindi speaking learner trying to master English Communication invented an altogether
approach to learn this skill.
  His discovery, now outlined in the book “Vernacular Bridge Course to Learn English”,
selling fast online on the Amazon Sales Network, is a very obvious but unnoticed fact that in all
PATTERNS in alien languages. Any learner who first clearly identifies the eight structures in their
mother tongue can easily align these structures with eight English patterns and can start speaking
English from day one. When, in a short course of TWENTY-ONE DAYS, the learner starts speaking
English with much-enhanced confidence, he understands that, most surprisingly, he has mastered
English Grammar also. This grammar-behind-the-curtain method is doing wonders with all types of
  While this technique, implemented in Baru Saheb Headquarters for the learners from a
rural background of Punjab, helped an average learner achieve A+ Grade, it is being used to train
learners online in these Corona Days.
  Three platforms, KEYASH Education Group(New Delhi), DIVINER Education
System(Chandigarh), FINCOACH(Chandigarh), are using this technique to teach English fast to their
learners. Any school system or educational networks can contact RCED, Chandigarh to use this new
technique of mastering English in a way that takes loads of burden off the heads of vernacular

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