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Incidence of skin rises with rise in temperature in Chandigarh

Yadavindra S Rana | July 01, 2021 07:38 PM

CHANDIGARH:The unusual and sudden rise in day temperature which is ruling at five-year high at
the last week of June, has increased the incidence in Chandigarh of skin diseases as polymorphous
light eruption (PMLE); milliaria rubra and skin infections. Small wonder, the queues at the skin clinics
are lengthening by the day.
The skin doctors said that sudden rise of temperature beyond comfort level has made the
people restless. On a conservative estimate, the incidence of such diseases and the number of
patients is about between 20-25 per cent more than in the corresponding period last year. “I am
attending about 40 patients of PMLE; 15 of miliaria rubra; and 50 of skin infection every day, ” said a
skin specialist of Mohali. If there is no resp;ite from the rise in temperature, the cases of skin
diseases may go up manifold as heat is the mother of all such diseases.
The sunlight is clearly the primary causative factor of PMLE. Exposure to heat beyond comfort
level causes skin irritation, which may be itchy or painful. It is quite common during summer and
more and more people can be affected because it is caused by UVA or UVB rays. PMLE affects
females two to three times more than males. People should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and try
and wear cotton clothers, the skin specialist advised.
He further said that miliaria rubra (known as ptt) affected people of all ages. “It is especially
common among children and infants due to their under-developed sweat glands, ” said he. When
sweat gland ducts get plugged due to dead skin cells or bacteria, it leads to pricking, itching and a
rash of very small blisters.
He suggested that it could be prevented by avoiding activities that induce sweating,
wearing light and loose-fitted clothing, and avoiding hot and humid weather. Frequent cool showers
with mild soap can provide relief.
Skin infection is another type caused by hot weather that causes painful boils and pus-filled
lumps on the skin. Fungal infection (daad) is a group of disease caused by ‘fungi’ affected groins,
armpits, nails, toes, feet or other parts of the body where more sweating generally occurs.
“Retention of sweat promotes growth of fungus causing peeling, scaling and sometimes every
blistering. Affected nails become yellow and thick and tend to break easily, ’ say skin specialist.
It can be prevented by keeping the body dry and sweat-free, wearing loose cotton clothes
and taking special care of personal hygiene. In case of any skin disease, prevention is better than
cure. Some precuations should be taken by the people and should not take these diseases lightly.
He suggested some Do’s and Don’ts-
1 Avoid direct expose to sun rays
2 Keep away from hot and humid weather
3 Wear cotton and loose-fitted clothes
4 Take frequent showers
5 Avoid activities that induce sweating and sun expose.

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