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Chandigarh ranks second in the country in teleconsultation

Yadavindra S Rana | July 02, 2022 08:37 AM

CHANDIGARH:Chandigarh ranked second in providing teleconsultation in the country.  
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has announced that Chandigarh has
been awarded second rank in the country among Union Territories in Telecosultation at Health &
Wellness Centres at Delhi on June 30.
Teleconsultations an essential tool has been used vigorously during COVID-19 and has become
an integral part of healthcare in case of pandemic. Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty can
overwhelm people, and health systems can struggle to cope with an uncontrolled and exponential
demand and teleconsultation can be the answer.
Without appropriate planning and mitigation measures, health services can be exposed to the
risk of collapse caused by an inundation of queries that could be serviced by virtual means. Health
facilities may become overwhelmed and have insufficient capacity to provide adequate treatment to
those most in need of care. Teleconsultations are a safe and effective way to assess suspected cases
and guide the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, minimizing the risk of disease transmission. These
teleconsultations enable many of the key clinical services to continue to operate regularly and
uninterrupted, both in preparation for and in the course of a public health emergency, said official of
the health department.
The Adviser to the Administrator, Mr Dharampal said that the administration has already
decided to make health and wellness centres focal point for efficient delivery of all health services
except those required physically presence at the major hospitals. The residents of the nearby area
should not be required to go all the way to Civil Hospitals or District Hospital unless there was some
serious health issue which required their physical presence there. The Chandigarh Administration 
has further decided that a proper room with computer and video consultation facility to be provided
at each of the HWCs so that the patients can avail most of the services through Telemedicine/e-
Sanjivini and the Doctors at HWCs can consult the Specialist Doctors at GMSH-16/GMCH-2 and
PGIMER for better patient care & satisfaction.
The Health Department has already started teleconsultation at the GMCH-32, GMSH-16 and
HWCs with the available infrastructure. Process is at advance stage for purchase of 205 computers
and other required equipments.  It is expected that all the required systems will be in place in next
three-four months and the Tele-medicine will be implemented in big way in UT Chandigarh.
The civil infrastructure in the HWCs is being and repaired/upgraded by the Engineering Department
of UT Administration. A standard set of infrastructure and health services is being prepared and
same will be made available at each of the HWC.

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