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‘Women of today are nothing less than warriors and heroes’- Lippi Parida

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 08, 2021 05:42 PM

CHANDIGARH: “Women of today are nothing less than warriors and heroes who turn up every day to impart their duties” said Mrs. Lippi Parida, renowned artist, writer, photographer, musician, painter and social entrepreneur who is helping the slum children through art, while speaking on the occasion of International Women’s Day organized by Panjab University Alumni Association.

She further added that on this day, we celebrate the endevours of women who have excelled in their field and brought significant changes in the society. She added that infinite spirit of women is symbolized in the form of goddess ‘Shakti’, ‘Parvati’, ‘Kali’, ‘Maa Annapurna’ as no one else could’ve better executed and contemplated scenarios with more pride and zeal. She further said that being elusive and dynamic at the same time is the beauty of being a woman. Today’s event is a platform for women achievers to share their experiences, knowledge and advice, which is the best way to get inspired to make changes as meaningful narratives.

Gurpreet Sapra, IAS Divisional Commissioner, Jalandhar, in her address that being successful for a woman stems from the roots of support system that she encounters at her home. Her vested interests in art, literature and poetry were manifested in her by her father. Her message to the younger women put there was not to let go of the focus as women today has so much to prove to the world with the self respect and recognition that they deserve at stakes, one wrong step and no one reminisces all that you’ve done so far. Appearances may seem important but they are not the real essence of life is what she felt because acceptance is all that we urge for.

Dr. Mini Arora, Pallative Care Physician, who has been serving her patients all her life, stated that the women are born leaders as surroundings teach them to adapt to whatever is thrown at them. She narrated that as doctors they are taught to cure their patients no matter what is the situation, which inhabits the need to take care of them as well. Gratification and inner strength that a woman possess is incomparable. There can be no one day to cherish what women have done and been doing for our society, the recognition needs to flow through much more to stimulate the whole process. Reaching the grass root level is another feat that is yet to be achieved, according to her and encouragement by our peers, family and friends is of utmost importance and diligence.

Mrs. Harbhajan Kaur, a 94 year old entrepreneur and a role model, who truly believes that it is never too late to start and conquer whatever one wishes for, emphasized that her venture is all about her will to overcome every obstacle that she has ever faced. While her schooling was full of shortcomings she never fell prey to the prejudices of being women and always squashed all the stereotypical attributes with a smiling face. She remarked that sitting idle with no purpose in life is the worst nightmare for anyone and it is requisite to recuperate from it. ‘Learn with practice, follow your dream and challenge yourself’ is her mantra of being successful.

Mrs. Sanjana Sharma, Mrs. India 2018, shared her life journey from being a student, to a banker, to an artist and inspired women to achieve their dreams. She in her motivating speech said that she feels elated to be in the company of women who are excelling in their chosen field and bringing success into the life of those around them, but probably all the women are not that privileged. Women should stand for themselves and the family members should support them breaking all the stereotypes to achieve an equitable society.

Anuradha Tandon, an engineer and social worker, talked about how women donors at Daatri, blood stem cells donors registry, helped people suffering from blood related disorders. She also encouraged girls to come forward and enroll for the same. She shared her own examples and vividly narrated few case studies of women who came forward for donating their stem cells saving lives of many people.

Earlier, Prof. Anupama Sharma, Dean Alumni Relations, Panjab University in her welcome address said that she is humbled by the presence of eight indomitable women on 8th day of March, who have brought seismic shifts through their profound accomplishments. She said that International women’s day is a rallying call; both for reflection on lessons learned and for accelerating momentum towards gender equality and empowerment of every girl and women.
The event was also joined by Mrs. Nilambri Jagdale, IPS and SSP Chandigarh and Mrs. Mann Kaur, a 104 year athlete.
Professor Anju Suri felicitated the women leaders and said inspirational words for women. She also talked about evil practices against women and the need for change in the mindset of the people in society. The event concluded with token of gratitude being presented to the guest speakers along with vote of thanks extended by Associate Professor, Dr. Monica Aggarwal, Professor at UIAMS.

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