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Unveiling Food Adulteration: Seminar at Khalsa College

AMRIK SINGH | February 12, 2024 05:58 PM

AMRITSAR: In a bid to enhance awareness and knowledge about the pervasive issue of food adulteration, the Post Graduate Department of Food Science and Technology, Khalsa College Amritsar hosted an invited talk titled "Unveiling Adulteration in Food Items".

Rinku Indora from AGMARK Mini Laboratory, Gurinder Kaur, Sanjay Jaswal, Junior Chemists, Jaswinder Singh, Agriculture Information Officer, along with Rinku Virdi, Shivam Palyal, and Harmandeep Singh, Agriculture Development Officers delivered invaluable insights and practical demonstrations on the various methods employed in testing the adulteration of different food items, said Principal Dr. Mehal Singh.

Dr. Manbir Singh, the Head of the Food Science and Technology department, provided firsthand insights into the challenges confronting the industry. He underscored the crucial role played by quality control measures in addressing these challenges. Apart from the informative discourse, the talk also touched upon internship opportunities for students pursuing studies in Food Science and Technology. The AGMARK Mini Laboratory team emphasized the importance of hands-on experience and encouraged aspiring professionals to actively seek internships to supplement their theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

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