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Private universities asked to give beds for Covid patients

IANS | April 14, 2021 09:45 AM

LUCKNOW: UP Minister for Medical Education Suresh Khanna has asked private universities to dedicate exclusive beds for Covid patients.
In the last three days, 2, 000 additional Covid beds have been arranged with the support of the private universities.

Expressing concern over surge in Covid cases in the state, particularly in Lucknow, the minister said that though he has no evidence to prove, he suspects that the virus has turned air-borne.

He said that he has asked experts to confirm this as the sudden surge has taken everybody off guard.

"In early March Covid cases had come down to 86 and now within 15 days it is over 15, 000. The state government is doing its best to ensure proper treatment to all, but I would also appeal to the public not to step out of home unless it is strictly required and follow all Corona protocols, " the Medical Education Minister said.

The minister, who inspected the newly- built cancer Institute on the outskirts of Lucknow on Tuesday, has asked authorities to dedicate all beds except in the emergency ward and those already occupied, to Covid patients.

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