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"IFCT Students Launch Eco-Friendly Fashion Initiative at Rayat Bahra University"

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | May 17, 2024 05:30 PM

MOHALI: In a significant step towards environmental conservation, the Institute of Fashion & Communication Technology (IFCT) at Rayat Bahra University has launched the "Sustainable Fashion Practices" campaign. This initiative aims to promote eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry, reducing its environmental impact and fostering a culture of sustainability.

The launch event was graced by notable figures including Dr. Palika Arora, PCS, Director of Social Welfare and Women & Child Development, and Shruti Jamaal, renowned Celebrity Fashion Designer and owner of the brand 'Scarlet by Shruti Jamaal'. Their presence underscored the importance of sustainable practices in fashion and their support for the campaign.

"A single cotton t-shirt requires 3, 000 liters of water to produce. The fashion industry contributes nearly 10% of global carbon emissions. There are simple ways each of us can help reduce this impact. This campaign is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to make more sustainable fashion choices, " said Dr. Neha Miglani, Director of IFCT, during her speech at the launch ceremony.

Dr. Parvinder Singh, Vice Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University, and Ankur Vadhera, Founder & CEO of IFCT, also attended the event. Dr. Singh emphasized the alignment of the campaign with global sustainable development goals, stating, "We are very proud that such a meaningful campaign is being launched. It reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship."

As part of the "Sustainable Fashion Practices" campaign, IFCT will organize a series of events aimed at raising awareness about sustainable fashion. These events will target various audiences, including schools, colleges, and corporate offices, to spread knowledge and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in daily life.

The campaign launch marks a pivotal moment in Rayat Bahra University's efforts to lead by example in promoting sustainability within the fashion industry and beyond.

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