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US UAW to add strike targets against 'Big Three' automakers

IANS | September 28, 2023 01:01 PM

WASHINGTON: The US United Auto Workers (UAW) union has planned to add strike targets against the 'Big Three' American auto giants -- Ford, GM Stellantis -- on Friday if there was no major progress in their contract negotiation, a source told the media.

The list of potential strike targets in the next stage involves engine and transmission facilities, as well as large pickup trucks and SUV factories, Xinhua news agency quoted the UAW source as saying to The Detroit News on Wednesday.

Like last week, the new locations for strike would be announced at 10 a.m. on a Facebook livestream hosted by the union, and the strike will begin at noon on Friday.

The UAW's unprecedented strike against the Big Three is now on its 13th day.

The UAW went on strike on September 15 at three select facilities of Ford, GM and Stellantis, and expanded the strike to 38 General Motors (GM) and Stellantis facilities on September 22.

Nationwide, 18, 300 UAW autoworkers at 41 Ford Motor Co, GM and Stellantis NV facilities in 20 states are on strike, asking for higher wages, pensions for all workers and elimination of the tiered wage systems.

President Joe Biden visited a picket line outside a GM parts distribution centre in the state of Michigan on Tuesday, voicing his support to autoworkers.

Former President Donald Trump's visit here came a day after Biden's appearance, where he attacked Biden's policies for transforming the auto industry and showed his support for auto workers.

In an interview on Tuesday, UAW President Shawn Fain says he sees "no point" in meeting with Trump.

"I don't think the man has any bit of care about what our workers stand for, what the working class stands for. He serves a billionaire class."

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