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USA County proclaims April 21, 2021 as "Shree Saini Day"

BALBIR SINGH | April 30, 2021 08:06 AM

INDIANAPOLIS: The Kittitas County Board of Commissioners, Mrs. Laura Osiadacz, Mr. Cory Wright, Mr. Brett Wachsmith, has proclaimed April 21, 2021 as "Shree Saini Day" in Kittitas County. The Board of Commissioners in the proclamation asked all citizens of Kittitas County "to join them in celebrating and honoring Miss World America Washington for her work and service to better the lives of those around her by proclaiming April 21, 2021 as Shree Saini Day.
The Board of Commissioners have wished Indian-American model and motivational speaker 26-year old Shree Saini "the best of luck on her journey to become the next Miss World America."
The Indian American Shree Saini was born on January 6, 1996 in Abohar (Haryana), India. She has overcome having a heart pacemaker and suffering facial burns from a car accident.
She is winner of the Miss India USA (2017–2018), Miss India Worldwide (2018–2019) and Miss World America 2019 (contestant).
The proclamation reads "Shree Saini is resident of Kittitas county and first-generation American hailing from a family proud to be American citizens from the great nation of India. She is the reigning Miss World America Washington and a finalist to represent the United States at the 70th annual Miss World Pageant, an event viewed by over two billion people world-wide.
"Ms Saini has faced and beaten multiple challenges over her lifetime, including surgery to place a permanent pacemaker in her heart at the age of 12, as well as suffering from facial burns.
"Ms Saini's work with over 100 non-profit organizations has led to speaking engagements in over 100 cities, 30 states, eight foreign nations and 500 civic awards from all over the world.
Ms Saini will be representing not only Kittitas County, Washington States, the United States should she be selected as Miss World America, she will be carrying the hopes of all Indians and South Asians, both here and around the world, as she would be the first American South Asian Miss World finalist."
In a message Mr Saini said "Eternally grateful to our inclusive county commissioners for honoring my community service, by announcing April 21st as the "ShreeSainiDay".
"Our extraordinarily encouraging commissioners Mrs. Laura Osiadacz, Mr. Cory Wright, Mr. Brett Wachsmith and their staff also gave me their blessings for my MissWorldAmerica journey.
"I am forever and ever thankful to be a part of "Truly Loving" county administration that has welcomed me with open hearts and open arms. "
To my world family :
"I will continue being a servant leader and serve everyone with a pure heart ♥️ I will continue to seek your guidance and counsel in my life. I hope you will continue teaching me and helping me become better with your advice. "

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