Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Snow storm hit Canada, Toronto and adjoining cities got 2 feet snow layer

SATINDER BAINS | January 17, 2022 10:35 PM

TORONTO: A snow storm has hit the Ontario state of Canada last evening put the normal life out of gear. Hundereds of vehocles are trapped in the two feet high layer of snow on roads and neighbourhood.

The Toronto, Brampton and adjoining cities are badly effected and traffic is distrupted. The local authorities have issued a storm waning and expected about 60 cm snow will fall today. The continued snow overnight had already forced people to stay home. The city authorities are finding it diccucult to clear the snow to normalise the traffic.

All schools in the GTA have been closed. The schools were schduled to open today after christmas vacations. The vaccination centers have also been closed for a day.

Blizzard warning have been issued to citizens. The bus service has also been disrupted in Toronto and Brampton causing trouble to daily commuters. Canada police has asked the people to stay off the roads and stay at home.

According to TV reports power went off in Nova Scotia and people are facing harsh winter storm.

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