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IIT Mandi to use Indian knowledge system, scientific innovations to find mental health solutions

IANS | May 31, 2023 03:41 PM

NEW DELHI: The IIT Mandi has taken a major initiative to start an academic programme on Indian knowledge system (IKS) to address mental health issues, besides using scientific innovations.

Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads and other books related to the IKS will also contribute to this programme.

According to the IIT, using bio-signals such as electroencephalograms (EEGs), brain imaging, as well as virtual reality-based immersive neuron-feedback, the programme seeks scientific innovations aimed at addressing mental health with the Indian Knowledge System. This will allow both IKS and mental health challenges to benefit from a scientific approach.

Professor Laxmidhar Behera, Director, IIT Mandi, during a discussion with IANS, emphasized that the very foundation of the Indian Knowledge System was built on the hypothesis that matter in its elementary (subtle) form is cognitive and thus cognitive emotion and behaviour are not emergent properties of any complex molecular combinations.

Professor Behera highlighted how recent studies on IKS such as yoga, meditation, music, Sanskrit, and other forms of performing arts also demonstrate the therapeutic values they bring to human psychic nature in terms of cognitive enhancement, stress relief, alleviation of depression, and so forth.

Biological signals such as electroencephalogram (EEG) and functional brain images along with the virtual reality-based neuro-feedback approaches have ushered a new age of scientific innovations where many claims of IKS can be verified and standardised for effective consumption by the general populace, he added.

At IIT a proper deliberation will help this programme to get the right direction. There will be a brainstorming panel discussion on course curriculum as well as a similar discussion on enumerating relevant research agendas useful for society at large, the director added.

He said, "I welcome everyone for joining in these very important deliberations that may set new standards for an inclusive paradigm for science and technology.

"In a world driven by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, the Indian knowledge system (IKS) education may first seem to be an urban legend. However, recent research reveals the importance and benefits of IKS for the human body, mental health, and wellbeing. In fact, IKS has deep roots that are grounded in Indian history, philosophy, society, arts, languages, science and technology, and life sciences"

The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi will teach its researchers about insights on empirical research pertaining to IKS and mental health. With the advent of leading artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) education highlights the importance and benefits of this system for the body, the mind, and the consciousness, the IIT Director told IANS.

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