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How the tech era has ushered in new preferences and acceptance in the online gaming sector

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 04, 2021 04:44 PM

The growing game sector has attracted many start-ups to push forward the market growth. The best example in India would be the Online Poker game which is currently worth rupees 400 crores, which can be credited to digital advancement. If you  are the  one who shows interest in the gaming industry, you will realise that the gaming industry is no more what it used to be.

Many modifications  took place  in a small period of time. Gone  are those  days when bulky tools and equipment should  be carried  just to play a video game. As we are growing  so much in the technical world, we achieved  a lot in the online games sector, enabling lots of advantages and lightning in the digital world. Here is a little research to shed light on the factors of digital games.

 Internet accessibility

One thing that cannot be overlooked is that  internet rates are so affordable; therefore, we can reach the world wide web so easily. Today an average individual  consumes 11GB per month,   and it goes more  when that one individual plays games online. This craze for online gaming not only develops technology but also helps  the international gaming market increase its revenue. In 2019 it valued at $151.55 and is expected  to reach  $256.97 by 2025, registering a CAGR of 9.17% over the forecast period of 2020-2025.

 This booming  gaming sector also attracts a large number of startups and enables the new entrepreneur to contribute to market growth at high speed. A strong reason behind this sector’s growth is that smartphones are common to almost every individual. Their personal phones console the cloud of penetration, which helps the digital gaming market consisting of cash games to grow to its potential.

 Development and Affordability of Technology

 It is seen that smartphone users spend 15% of their time gaming per day. As  smartphones  are easily  available  at an affordable  price, it is becoming  profitable  for individuals.  Also, as we spend so much time on our phones, it helps the gaming  industry to dominate 59% of the global video game market by 2021. Nowadays, it is  also seen that there are so many payment  options available  in any popular  game. Addiction  of people towards that game lets them buy any available benefit of the game by playing online.

 Games around the world

There are 3 million active pokers in India alone. With this, we can imagine the total  revenue of the gaming industry per year. The number of poker players is increasing  by 30 to 40% annually. Many gaming companies  have taken  opportunities  to launch online poker so that individuals can play globally with anyone.

Win money by playing an online game

Many exciting  features hold the interest of a gamer so that the number  of gamers is always maintained and helps attract new gamers. This gaming industry’s income is crossing billions per annum globally. This sector  is getting  immensely  large. The online market for Real Money Gaming in India is estimated at around Rs. 2200 crore. It was generating 730 crores of total revenue in 2016-17. Over 2 million gamers worldwide, 26% of the world’s population play online games.

Better Gaming and Cost-efficient source of entertainment

As I discussed above,   all companies’ key goal  is to allow players to stream video games without the use of a computer or video game console. As the world moves more and more, life is centred around the mobile phone trend of purchasing bulky video game computers going out of the window.

All being said, one thing is certain: That this trend of gaming continues with innovation on features that come and go.

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