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How does Technology Help in Planting More New Trees?

December 02, 2019 12:05 PM

As we know technology has dramatically changed our lives over the last century. Electricity, automobiles, computers and the Internet are just a few examples of how technology has expanded the boundaries of what is possible. Technology has also had an impact on how trees are planted. Decades of research have been conducted on germination techniques, forestry management, and landscape monitoring. There are several factors like bio-diversity, fossil fuel, and deforestation that contribute to bringing the climate changes. Deforestation is the major factor in all these.

Increased interest in forest tree planting has resulted in three major improvements: a more systematic and scientific approach to species selection, better quality planting stock, and improved plantation establishment. Given adequate funding and the will to apply modern technologies, improvement of planting stock quality is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to quickly improve forestry results. This Note examines all three improvements in tree planting with attention to how task managers can apply these technologies to World.

Impact of technology on Growing New Trees

You can see the effect of technology in almost every sector of the world. If you pay attention to our environment, you will know how our ecosystem is disappearing from time to time. We have decided to save it before it turns worst. We have planned for global tree-planting campaigns in which we will plant new trees around 110 million in about 12 hours. Cutting edge, transparent, and decentralized technologies are challenging the outdated, existing inefficient, and immeasurable green initiatives. "The conditions for humanity will get worse if fundamental changes are not taken care of Green Bharat – A mission for the Earth and the future, is to protect and develop balance ecosystem between humankind and nature".

Why Blockchain technology?

TRANSPARENT & DECENTRALIZED technologies are work as pillars in blockchain technology and Blockchain Technology can help in solving this problem. Actually, it is not only Blockchain technology; it is a combination of all technologies from Smartphones to wireless connectivity sensors to protect the primary issues of our forests. We are trying to develop a new plant tree network through Blockchain and other combinations throughout the earth. With the help of new techniques, we try to speed up the planting process through technology and address on the root cause.

So, we can plant new trees with the help of Blockchain technology and create this network throughout the earth. It can help in planting new trees in such ways;

·         It helps in building a new network protocol to help thousands of campaigns for planting new trees.

·         Through its Blockchain network, millions of people effectively contribute to this.

·         It forms a Tree chain platform, which is a golden key for achieving the goals of planting 11 billion new trees all around the earth.

The writer Dr Manoj Sharma is Founder of Green Bharat

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