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Snatam Kaur Performed Live at the Grammy Premiere Ceremony

February 20, 2019 07:01 PM

NEW DELHI: Snatam Kaur performed at the 61st Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony, at The Microsoft Theatre on Sunday, February 10th, 2019. Snatam, who is a world-renowned Sikh sacred chant singer, has received a Grammy nomination in the New Age category for her album Beloved in this year's competition.

Through inspirational concerts, workshops, immersion courses and retreats, the much-beloved devotional singer and Grammy nominated recording artist Snatam Kaur shares the power of Sikh sacred mantras with the entire world. Possessed of an incandescently luminous voice and a deep knowledge of Kundalini yoga, her concerts and events are joyous occasions and a source of solace for our troubled times.

"A big focus in all I’m doing now is simply coming back to ‘I am love’ and feeling that vibration of love, ” she says. “There’s such a feeling of divisiveness in the world now—division amongst each other, and division within ourselves in the form of shame, guilt, fear or anger. Mantra is powerful in awakening us back to what it means to become loving to ourselves, and loving toward our neighbours who may not agree with us. It’s really from that place of love that we can find the language to work together—to be together.”

Over the past 18 years, Snatam Kaur has drawn hundreds of thousands of fans to her concerts worldwide. Snatam's music is clear and uplifting, bringing inner peace, healing, and inspiration to her listeners. Her album Beloved is no exception, blending classical Indian elements with Western folk and contemporary styles.

Snatam family moved to California when she was two, living in Long Beach and Sacramento. When Snatam was six, the family went to India where her mother studied kirtan. In childhood, Snatam started to played kirtan with her mother in Sikh temples and at Sikh religious ceremonies.

In 2000, Kaur signed with Spirit Voyage Records — the founder of which, Guru Ganesha Singh Khalsa, became her manager and guitarist. Her professional collaboration has included new age music producer Thomas Barquee and occasionally her mother, Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa, also a musician.

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