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Disabled Success Stories Showcased

September 15, 2019 04:51 PM

HYDERABAD: An Exhibition of Products Produced by Disabled is organised at the 3Day National Summit of and for Divyangan currently underway at Sharadhamam Shikshana Kendra, Bandlagua Jagir, Hyderabad.

Fifty two stalls are set up. Some of these stalls include Jeevandan, Center for Organ Donation; Eye Banks Association of India; National Park for People with Special Needs; Nayi Dish the NGO that supports families affected by Intellectual and Development Disabilities(IDD) such as Austim, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy; National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities; EthnicBazaar that sells cottage industry products via online; Amma Eye, Organ & Body Donation Promoters’ Organisation; Uma Educational & Technical Society that rains training programs to train teachers to teach kids with disabilities; Alambana Special School for disabled; Asha Bhavan Center, Shankar Foundation etc and others.

All these stalls are showcasing products produced by disabled as well as products and services for the disabled. This It is showcasing many success stories from across India.

Alambana Special School for the mentally handicapped displayed very attractive and innovative products made by its students which include Foal Doll which is sold at Rs 25/-; a handkerchiefs sold at Rs 5/- and beautiful bags.

50 million children are estimated to be at the risk of developmental disabilities in India. One in every 100 children have developmental disabilities such as Austim.  Autism is a neurological disorder characterised by the inability to regulate one’s bodily functions. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder of movement and posture. It affects muscles, mobility, balance and posture. It is often associated with difficulties of learning, communication, eating, hearing and vision. Down Syndrome is a generic condition in which each body cell has three, instead of the usual two copies of chromosome 21.

National Park for People with Special Needs provides Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Behavioural Modification Therapy, Special Education, Creative Training Programs to children below 15 years.

Nayi Disha, a non-profit body has been educating and empowering families to become stronger advocates for their children and improve their quality of life. It ias been working to provide a one stop services and information to the needs for million of families. It has also built a supportive ecosystem of service providers, non-governmental organisations and other families. It has also formed a strong community of families with developmental disabilities children.

According to Pavan Reddy of Jeevandan Program that promotes and facilitates and maintains register of patients who seek organs informed that awareness for organ donation needs to created more. Many organs are buried or burnt due to lack of awareness. There is a waiting list 2000 patients for Liver; 3200 for kidneys; 100 for heart; 18 for Pancreas and 40 for lungs. One brain dead person can donate organs and save eight lives he said.

Eye Banks Association informed that 13 lakh blond in India eyes. Their number is swelling. 40, 000 new patients are added each year. Donor corneas are difficult to come forward. There are more than 80 lakh deaths are taking place every year. But, sadly, the corneal donations do not exceed 50, 000.

The Asha Bhavan Center from Kolkata displayed creative products including photo frames, designer greeting cards developed by Montu Mondal, a disabled Designer and Artist. He is also said to an Ambassador to The Election Comission, West Bengal.

There is an ability in the disability. Look the ability beyond disability. That is the motto of Uma Educational & Technical Society, a voluntary organisation for development of inclusive society. They are a highly successful institution which maintains special schools and sub-centre’s fir education, welfare and rehabilitation of persons with different abilities.

It has showcased teaching and learning materials for children with Deafnlindness.

National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities(Divyangan) put us a stall. It serves as a national resource Center for the empowerment of persons with Multiple Disabilities such as those with two or more disabilities in a person. It runs long term training for the benefit of the community , which are highly successful.

Art Lover Sowjanya Laksmi(not disabled) showcased many hand craft products. She sells these unit Kondapalli toys, dolls made up of papers, jewellery made up of  terrakota mud. She has 200 plus unique products and long forgotten good old games of our childhood such as Damarka, Etikoppada, Chidatha etc. This Human Resource’s professional turned art lover has been working on reviving vanished art forms.

Amma Eye, Organ & Body Donation Promoter’s Organisation has been promoting organ donation by brain dead as well as live donation as far as liver is concerned.

Eye Banks Association creating awareness about how simple the Eye donation by showing showing the process so that people will be better informed.

The idea of these exhibitors and showcasing their products is to draw inspiration from each other and work towards disabled free society or make disabled life more meaningful informed Sankhyam, the organiser

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