Thursday, July 25, 2024


Two Journalists Arrested for Extortion in Dharamshala

ARVIND SHARMA | July 10, 2024 03:59 PM

DHARAMSALA: In a significant crackdown, the Vigilance Department arrested two journalists on charges of extortion in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, yesterday. The accused were caught red-handed while extorting money from school operators.

ACP Vigilance Dharamshala, Badri Singh, confirmed the arrests, stating that the Vigilance Department had received a complaint against the journalists. Acting on this complaint, a trap was laid, leading to their apprehension. "We recovered ₹25, 000 in cash and a cheque for ₹25, 000 from each of the arrested individuals, " said ACP Singh. "Both persons have been arrested, and further investigation is ongoing."

The accused journalists, identified as Mrityunjay Puri and Rakesh Kumar, run the channels Khabar Aaj Tak and Khabar Ajab Gajab, respectively(authenticity of these news Channels are also being checked). Following the arrest, an FIR was registered at Dharamshala Police Station under Section 308(2) and 3(5) of BNS. The vehicle used by the accused in their extortion activities has also been seized.

According to police sources, the Vigilance team meticulously planned and executed the operation, ensuring the accused were caught in the act. The arrested journalists are scheduled to be produced in court today for remand.

This operation highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to curb corruption and illegal activities in the region, ensuring that those who misuse their positions of power are held accountable. Further updates on the investigation and court proceedings are expected in the coming days.

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