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Bharat Bandh: Kaithal farmers blocked roads at four places, protested and raised slogans against the government

SATISH SETH | February 16, 2024 06:29 PM

Kaithal lawyers suspended work in support of farmers
KAITHAL: A mixed effect of Bharat Bandh call by farmers was seen in Kaithal district on Friday. Apart from the checkpoints with Punjab, farmers blocked four places in the district and raised slogans against the government.

It is a matter of relief that there is no news of violence from anywhere during Bharat Bandh. In district Kaithal, under the leadership of farmer leaders of Bharatiya Kisan Union Chaduni Group and BKU Dhanna Bhagat, farmers protested by blocking the district. While the farmers made the toll plazas free in the state, the toll plaza remained operational in Thana village adjacent to Kaithal.

After 12:00 on Friday, farmers sat on strike under the bridge under the leadership of Hoshiar Gill, head of Bharatiya Kisan Union Dhanna Bhagat at Titaram Mode. Farmers had blocked one side of the road by protesting and the other side was blocked with a tractor trolley loaded with green fodder. On the other hand, the farmers did not disrupt the emergency services during the strike and jam. Farmers did not stop the ambulance during the jam at Titaram turn.

Border situation remained normal, farmers blocked the roads

In Kaithal, farmers blocked the road in village Guliana on Jind Road. In Kalayat also, farmers under the leadership of Bharatiya Kisan Union Chaduni Group staged a protest by blocking Kaithal Hisar Road. Apart from this, farmers also protested in village Garhi Padla during Bharat BandhAt Titaram Mode, farmers under the leadership of Hoshiar Gill, head of Bharatiya Kisan Union Dhanna Bhagat, remained sitting on strike under the bridge till afternoon. The farmers said that they will continue their protest until the government guarantees them MSP. Farmers staged a protest for some time on Friday afternoon at Guhla Cheeka Tatiana border and Sangatpura border adjoining Kaithal district. Five farmers from Punjab have been protesting on the border in Guhla Cheeka for the last 3 days. Despite the farmers not coming from Punjab on these routes, the police remained on strict vigil by placing barricades on the border. In Guhla - cheeka, farmers demonstrated under the banner of Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan and raised anti-government slogans. The farmers who sat on dharna mainly included Jaswinder Harsaula, Hoshiar Gill, Manjeet Karora, Shera Titram, Jaipal Pyoda, Deepa Kaul, Tejpal Majra, Kuldeep Khurana, Mahesh Kailaram, Rameshwar Azad Kasan.

Lawyers in Kaithal and Guhla suspend work in support of farmers

During the Bharat Bandh, the Bar Association of Kaithal and Guhla held a meeting on Friday in support of the farmers and suspended their work. All the lawyers passed a resolution unanimously, supporting the Bharat Bandh and keeping the work suspended. A Proxy Council was appointed to carry out important business.Kaithal Bar Association President Baljinder Singh Malik said that the farmers are agitating democratically but the government wants to suppress their voice. He said that the government had promised to guarantee MSP two years ago but the government went back on its promise. Former President of Bar Association Guhla, Jeevan said that the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary have an important role in a democracy but the government wants to control these three organs.

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