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SSP Mansa Gaurav Toora must be suspended forthwith for the escape of A-category gangster Deepak Teenu: Bir Devinder Singh

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | October 05, 2022 01:01 AM

CHANDIGARH: SSP Mansa Gaurav Toora must be placed under suspension forthwith for the scandalous escape of A-category gangster Deepak Teenu from the custody of CIA Mansa rather than making him the member of the newly constituted SIT under the IG Mr. Mukhwinder Singh Chheena.

Bir Devinder Singh former Deputy Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha said that besides the SSP, the  SP (Detective) and DSP (Detective) Mansa should also be placed under suspension, not only for the complete collapse of their supervisory control of the CIA, Mansa but also lack of professionalism in the discharge of their duties. It’s apparent from the disgraceful escape of A-category gangster Deepak Teenu from the custody of CIA Mansa; that there seems to be no cohesion in the working of the Police in the District and the complete breakdown of command and control system is outrageously palpable everywhere the way things are being handled so casually, ever since the chilling murder of Sidhu Moosewala. Scandalous escape of A-category gangster Deepak Teenu from the police custody has completely shaken the public faith in the working of the State police.

It appears that there was absolutely no supervisory control of the senior officers on the working of the CIA, Mansa. The role of SP (Detective) and DSP (Detective) Mansa need to be investigated thoroughly. If an A-category gangster Deepak Teenu was being ferried so generously to various places for the fulfilment of his passionate lustful desires, as being reported in the media, without the knowledge of the senior officers including the SSP, then where were SP (Detective) and DSP (Detective) Mansa , were they in deep slumbers or in opprobrious collusion with CIA in-charge Pritpal Singh, in facilitating the escape of the gangster from the custody of CIA Mansa ? Why CIA in-charge Mansa, SI Pritpal Singh was allowed to handle the super-sensitive investigation, single handedly and independently, without the supervision of any senior officers? Whether SSP, SP(D) and DSP (D) Mansa visited CIA staff Mansa at any stage; where gangster Deepak Teenu was kept during police custody, for interrogation or questioning the gangster at any stage?

The Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Bhagwant Mann who is handling the Home portfolio and the DGP Punjab Police Mr. Gaurav Yadav need to answer all these pertinent questions that is bothering the public mind. If an A-category Gangster named in the astounding murder of popular singer, Sidhu Moosewala brought from Goindwal Sahib Jail on the production warrants, to make some specific recoveries, could escape so easily then how do we rate the law and order situation in the State ?

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