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Science centers need to showcase burning scientific issues - Sunder Sham Arora

December 14, 2019 12:53 PM

KAPURTHALA/JALANDHAR:Socio-Economic development of a country is directly linked to literacy rate and willingness to adopt a scientific approach to address societal problems. The states which ranked higher in terms of Human Development Index,   have got a higher rank in literacy rate and higher acceptance in the adoption of science and technology.  This was expressed by Cabinet Minister Industries & Commerce Punjab, Sh. Sunder Sham Arora on the occasion  19th     All India Annual Conference of the Heads  of the  Science Centres/ Museums, (ACSMI) at PGSC, Kapurthala.

Further, he said that, socially responsible 21st Century  Science Centers  would need to focus on emerging areas of science & innovation and introduce visitors to applications of AI, IoT, Nanotechnology, Quantum, & synthetic biology, etc. Further, to tackle inequality through the distribution of knowledge, experiences and resources amongst all sections of society, both in urban and rural areas and across all age groups science centers could play an important  role. Punjab Govt. will provide own share for the up-gradation of Science City.

Scientific temper helps to dispel superstitions promote logical thinking, nurtures human ingenuity that leads to innovation. He  also stressed  on  UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development wherein science is considered as a key player.

Dr. Neelima Jearth, Director of General Science  city said that, International agreements related to Climate Change, Biodiversity conservation, Combating desertification, etc. also embody a new vision for prosperity and peace by allowing every society to create and share knowledge, nurture creativity and craft an inclusive, sustainable path for the future. She said that the main challenge was to assess ‘good science’ and understand how it could create inter and intra generational benefits. Science Centers, being an exciting learning places for all ages can  achieve this objective as they transform society by building scientific attitude,   provide a platform for understanding scientific concepts, extend opportunities to masses to explore the very mysteries that make up our world and inspire all visitors, regardless of age and background.

Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director Science City said that the future science centers would need to be engaged with caring for the environment besides communicating pure science. They will need to promote environmentally friendly technologies and responsible resource consumption practices to help society appreciate and achieve sustainable development goals.

On the occasion Director Hqrs NCSM S Kumar, Director Birla Museum Pilani VN Dhaulakhandi, ADC (G) Kapurthala Rahul Chaba, SDM Varinder Pal Singh Bajwa, DSP Harinder Singh Gill and others were also present.

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