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Sale of Pan Maslas with flavoured chewing Tobacco completely banned in Punjab

September 23, 2019 11:10 PM

CHANDIGARH: Taking serious view of illegal sale of flavored chewing tobacco with pan masala in State, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Mr. Anurag Aggarwal today directed Food Safety and other stakeholder departments to initiate stern action against such vendors indulging in this wrong practice.

While presiding over the meeting of State level Co-ordination Committee to curb usage of tobacco and to ensure compliance of Anti-Tobacco Laws at committee room of Punjab Civil Secretariat-II, Mr Anurag Aggarwal said that it was a matter of grave concern that some manufacturers were selling pan masala (without tobacco) with flavoured chewing tobacco in separate sachets but often conjoint and sold together by the same vendors from the same premises intentionally, so that consumers can buy the pan masala and flavoured chewing tobacco and mix both the articles for chewing the flavoured tobacco. He said that sale of such products is totally illegal in the Punjab and no one would be spared under the Anti-Tobacco Laws.

He said that notification has already been issued by Punjab Government regarding prohibition on manufacturing, storage, sale or distribution of Gutkha/Pan Masala(Containing tobacco or nicotine), Processed/Flavoured/Scented chewing tobacco and any other Food products, containing Tobacco or Nicotine as ingredients by whatsoever name these are called final products and whether packaged or unpackaged and / or sold as one product or through packaged as separate products, available in the market is completely prohibited in Punjab.

He further instructed the stakeholder departments to intensify the checking of vendors to stop the sale of tobacco with pan masalas and also asked them to take action under the Food Safety and Standard (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulations. He said that a circular had already been issued by Commissioner-Food Administration regarding cancellation of food license of premises if there is any storage/ sale of illegal tobacco products. He directed the meeting to submit the action taken report in this regard in the next meeting of State level Co-ordination Committee.

ACF, Food & Drug Administration Mr. Amit Joshi informed the meeting that as many as 54 samples of Tobacco and Masalas have been taken from January 2019 to August 2019 and 20 samples found non conforming to standards. He said that cases are in process to be launched in ADC courts.  He also assured the meeting that Food Safety Department would launch the special drive to take samples across the state and violators would be booked for carrying illegal tobacco.

Mr. Anurag Aggarwal further said that sale of cigarette packet without having 85 percent of pictorial warning about tobacco causes cancer is also crime. He directed the Excise department to take strict action against the offenders who were involved in the business of Illegal sale of imported cigarette packets and flavored/scanted tobacco products.

Dr. Nirlep Kaur, State Programme officer, National Tobacco Control Programme told the meeting that Punjab had banned Sale of e-cigarettes in the state. She said that the instructions have been issued to the district level committees to book the shopkeepers those were selling or catering the e- cigarettes and also keep them under the scanner of health authorities. She also said that Hookah bars have been permanently banned in the state after amendment in COTPA, 2003 (Punjab Amendment Act, 2018) and state wide checking is already being done to act against marriage palaces, hotels and restaurants violating the anti-tobacco laws.

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