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Punjab Congress launches Jai Jawan campaign in Punjab, questions fake 'desh prem' of Modi

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 22, 2024 12:20 AM

CHANDIGARH: Today, at a press conference held at the Punjab Congress Bhawan in Chandigarh, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary, Chairman of the Ex-Serviceman Department at the All India Congress Committee, unveiled the 'Jai Jawaan' campaign aimed at countering the impact of the Agnipath scheme introduced by the BJP.

Addressing the assembled media, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary remarked, "The current state of the nation is a matter of grave concern owing to the policies implemented by the BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's purported displays of 'desh prem' and 'sena prem' are increasingly being viewed as superficial and politically motivated. These actions, designed to deceive the populace, do little to serve genuine national interests. Over the past decade, BJP's policies have, in fact, undermined the strength of our armed forces."

Emphasizing the shortcomings of the Agnipath Scheme, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary stated, "This scheme has been beset with issues from its inception. Notably, it resulted in 250, 000 individuals who were selected for military service not receiving their joining letters. Moreover, it has dampened the morale within the armed forces. With a mere four-year commitment period, how can we expect individuals to foster a deep-seated sense of patriotism?"

Expanding on this critique, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary asserted, "It is imperative that soldiers receive adequate training, ideally spanning 5-6 years. How can we expect a soldier, given only six months of training followed by 3.5 years of service, to effectively safeguard our nation? Furthermore, under the Agnipath Scheme, Agniveer soldiers are denied the recognition and benefits accorded to their peers, exacerbating divisions within the armed forces."

Anticipating future challenges, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary cautioned, "Our armed forces currently boast a strength of 15 lac personnel. However, without prompt intervention, this number is projected to decline to 10 lac within the next 5-10 years. Additionally, Agniveer soldiers, lacking adequate training, will require continuous mentorship from senior officers. A robust national defense necessitates a strong and well-prepared military."

Concluding the press conference and officially launching the 'Jai Jawaan' campaign, Colonel Rohit Chaudhary articulated the campaign's demands: "The Agnipath scheme must be swiftly discontinued. Accordingly, we call for the immediate issuance of joining letters to the 250, 000 selected youth, alongside a return to the previous deployment protocol. The Congress will put an end to the Agnipath scheme when we come to power and bring back the glory to the armed forces of the nation."

The press conference witnessed the participation of Colonel Rohit Chaudhary Ji, Chairman of ex-serviceman department AICC, S. Jaskaran Singh Kahlon Ji, Media Coordinator of Punjab Congress, and speaker Naveen Sabarwal Ji.

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