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Raj political equations changing, Pilot may meet Sonia

IANS | September 23, 2022 11:15 AM

JAIPUR: After Rahul Gandhi refused to become the Congress president, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has decided to file his nomination for the post, which has changed the political equations in Rajasthan and amid this Sachin Pilot is likely to meet Sonia Gandhi on Friday.

Gehlot is preparing to file his nomination on September 28 and for this the nearest leaders to him have been alerted. Sources said that Gehlot is sure to be elected as the party president and in such a situation, he will leave the post of Rajasthan CM.

As the preparations for Gehlot's nomination have started, the discussion in the Congress regarding who will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan has also begun.

Sources said that Sachin Pilot has started talking to the Congress MLAs of all camps. "Pilot has discussed political issues with many MLAs. He has also spoken to those MLAs who were considered to be staunch opponents of Gehlot. This entire exercise is being seen as a sign of changed political equations, " the sources added.

Meanwhile, Pilot getting active and talking to the MLAs is being seen as a signal of assuming a new responsibility. It is said that Sachin has received a hint from the high command about the new responsibility. The pilot's activity is being linked to this.

Sources said that Sachin Pilot has discussed the Rajasthan situation with Rahul Gandhi during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. After Rahul Gandhi, now Pilot's meeting with Sonia Gandhi is proposed to take place in Delhi. The direct connection of these meetings of the pilot is believed to be a preparation for assuming a next role.

In fact, the tone of Congress MLAs has started changing regarding Sachin Pilot. Minister Rajendra Gudha has made a public statement to respect the high command's decision to make anyone including Pilot the CM. Gudha has spoken about the support of the MLAs associated with the G-6 in the decision of the high command to make anyone the CM. SC Commission President and Baseri MLA Khiladi Lal Bairwa and Bari MLA Girraj Singh Malinga are in Delhi, both of whom have also spoken to Pilot.

Pilot's supporters have become active since Ashok Gehlot's name for Congress top post started floating. The hashtag of Sachin Pilot kept trending on Twitter. Pilot supporters are commenting a lot on social media.

MLAs supporting Sachin Pilot have appealed to well-wishers to remain calm. Pro-Pilot MLA Vedprakash Solanki tweeted - "All colleagues are requested to have patience and restraint. Truth will win and our leader Sachin Pilot will definitely get results of his hard work, we have full faith in the high command, so no fellow should post or comment anything unnecessary on social media."

It is said that Pilot has instructed his supporting MLAs and leaders to stay away from any kind of political rhetoric. This is the reason that no pro-Pilot MLA has made a political statement for the last several days. The silence of the Pilot supporters is a strategy so that the opposing camp does not get any issue to blow up.

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