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PM Modi's underwater expedition sets Dwarka as a premier tourist destination: Gujarat Home Minister

IANS | February 28, 2024 09:59 AM

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat's Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent scuba diving expedition has put Dwarka on the world map as a culturally and historically-rich destination, which will boost tourism in the state.

The Minister highlighted this surge in popularity of Swarka during a statement in the Gujarat Assembly.

"I thank PM Modi on behalf of Gujarat, " Sanghavi said.

The Minister added that following Prime Minister Modi's underwater adventure near the Panchkui beach on February 25, Dwarka became the most searched term on Google worldwide.

"This surge in interest is attributed to people's curiosity about Dwarka's adventure tourism potential, alongside its religious and cultural significance. The Prime Minister's experience, described as very divine, while praying in the submerged parts of Dwarka, associated with Lord Krishna, has increased the city's visibility, " he said.

Sanghavi spoke on the anticipated economic benefits, predicting a significant boom in Dwarka's hotel and tourism sectors.

With the city's homestay accommodations expected to double to meet the soaring demand, the Minister urged the city residents to anticipate real estate appreciation and advised against selling properties prematurely.

On February 25, Prime Minister Modi dived into the Arabian sea to perform underwater puja in submerged ancient city of Dwarka.

The Prime Minister said, "Today, I experienced those moments which will stay with me forever... I went deep in the sea and did 'Darshan' of the ancient Dwarka city. Archeologists have written a lot about the Dwarka city hidden underwater. In our scriptures also, it is said about Dwarka that it was a city with beautiful gates and tall buildings, as tall as the top of the world. Lord Krishna himself constructed this city... When I went deep in the sea, I experienced the divinity... I bowed down in front of Dwarkadhish. I took a peacock feather with me and placed it at Lord Krishna's feet. I had always been curious to go there and touch the remains of the ancient Dwarka city. I am full of emotions today... A decades-old dream was completed today..."

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