Saturday, June 19, 2021


Chennai Transpeople contribute Rs 50K to CM fund

IANS | May 18, 2021 11:25 AM

CHENNAI: Despite a large population of the ordinary transpeople being in penury with no work, a group of fifty members of the community have pooled Rs 1, 000 each and contributed an amount of Rs 50, 000 to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund (CMPRF).

Many from the community were dependent on others as some worked as tailors, cooks and make-up artists in Tamil film industry and while others begged on streets. The pandemic has dealt a blow.

The community is grateful for the support during the first wave and subsequent lockdown, when good samaritans went out of their way to help them, including a large number of NGOs, voluntary organisations, government bodies and even individuals who knew their plight.

Sudha, a transgender who is part of Sahodharan -- a project for male sexual health told IANS: "The community is poor but there are some who are able to contribute and I put a list of 50 of these people and raised Rs 1, 000 from each of them thus taking the amount to Rs 50, 000."

The community sent the money to the CM relief fund as demand draft with a covering letter that states the list of contributors.

Sudha said, "I will now upload the list in our Whatsapp and Facebook groups so that this would be an inspiration for others to contribute, as well as acknowledge those who have contributed."

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