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Historic treasures from tenth century archives on view

March 06, 2020 01:13 PM

NEW DELHI:A new exhibition exploring the history, culture and traditions of Jewish people through the ages and from all corners of the world will open at London's British Library on March 20.

The exhibition titled "Hebrew Manuscripts: Journeys of the Written Word", will showcase rarely-seen treasures from as far back as the 10th century, spanning a diverse geography from Europe and North Africa, through to the Middle East and China to explore the interactions, exchanges of knowledge and influences between Jewish people and their neighbours in the communities they lived in.

The exhibition showcases around 40 significant manuscripts, featuring beautifully illuminated texts, intricately detailed illustrations, scientific diagrams and fascinating personal stories revealed through the writing people have left behind.

Spanning science, religion, law, music, philosophy, magic, alchemy and Kabbalah, highlights include one of the first Jewish scientific works written in the Hebrew language, a manuscript containing instructions for mystical meditation, a spell book containing 120 magical and medical recipes, one of the few extant copies of the Babylonian Talmud - a guide to Jewish religious law - and the First Gaster Bible, the earliest object in the exhibition dating from the 10th century.

he exhibition provides a snapshot of the range and richness of Hebrew Manuscripts in the British Library's collection, and reveals the power of the written word to bring people together.

"Written culture is one of the most important bonds connecting Jewish communities all around the world. Jewish writings reflect the diasporic communities of the Jewish people, taking inspiration from and interacting with local cultures and shaping local stories and ideas in return. We are thrilled to be able to display many of these incredible items for the first time, and hope visitors enjoy these journeys of the written word, " Ilana Tahan, lead curator of the show said.

It runs till August 2 this year.

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