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This is how Oracle is helping Indian businesses in 2nd Covid wave

April 26, 2021 12:21 PM

NEW DELHI: As India grapples with the lethal Covid second wave and millions stay home, the businesses of all sizes have begun to prioritise speed as their key competency this year is to recover growth faster in the country, a top Oracle India executive said on Monday.

The year 2020 reset the clock for several industries and CEOs are now keen to leapfrog innovation cycles and quickly figure out what resonates with their customers.

"Their focus clearly is on faster, data-driven innovation. And there's increased awareness on why Cloud is the best engine to aid faster innovation at scale, " Shailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India, told IANS.

"Our customers count on us to support their business. Ever since the pandemic struck, our foremost priority towards customers has been to help them improve their business resilience on an ongoing basis, " Kumar emphasised.

The company is closely collaborating and helping enterprises put their organisation's data to better business use in these challenging times.

"As a result, our customers have been able to free up valuable internal resources and sharpen focus on their core business. They have also been able to accelerate innovation and growth recovery, " Kumar informed.

Hyreo is a B2B startup helping recruiters reimagine the candidate experience.

In a recent pursuit with a large banking customer, Oracle team supported by evangelising Hyreo's solution.

This increased the bank's confidence levels to move fast and sign the deal with Hyreo.

"Further, on the price-performance front, by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Hyreo saw a 2 times improvement in application performance, reduced operational costs by over 30 per cent and fine-tuned their product based on feedback from our technical team, while adding more new customers to their fold, " Kumar told IANS.

Oracle is consistently seeing increased demand for its secure, second generation cloud infrastructure and best-in-class cloud applications in India.

"We have seen double-digit business growth in India for the last 4-5 years, and we are geared up to continue and further expand on this momentum, " Kumar said.

An interesting trend gaining traction is enterprises getting more comfortable with a multi-cloud model, where they use the best of breed cloud services from a trusted set of cloud providers.

In this direction, Oracle's strategic cloud partnerships with Microsoft, VMware and ServiceNow are resonating well with the enterprise customers, said the company executive.

An increasing number of Indian startups are parting ways with first-generation cloud providers and moving to OCI for more predictable, transparent price-performance-security benefits. These include startups like Gnani.AI, Aindra Systems and param Networks, among others.

Many home-grown, mid-size SaaS companies are changing growth orbits with OCI. These include GOFRUGAL, Ameyo, Information Dynamics, Invensoft, TecWink and QuarkCube.IO, among others.

"Our partner network is more robust than ever, with specialised expertise for ensuring customer success across our vast portfolio of offerings, " Kumar noted.

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