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Zayn Ibad Khan faces a tough time while shooting with 18-month- old baby

IANS | March 23, 2023 03:02 PM

MUMBAI: Actor Zayn Ibad Khan, who is seen playing the role of Yash in the web show 'Aashiqana 3', shared his shooting experience with a 18-month-old baby and said that it is really tough. Zayn is doing everything to develop a bond with him so that his work becomes easier.

He shared: "Nowadays we are shooting with an 18 month old baby on set and you know how tough it is to shoot especially with the climate of Mumbai, and the days are really sunny and really hot and the baby is obviously kind of irritated when you just keep them away from their parents. And now, we all are trying to make our bond with the baby."

In the third season, Khushi Dubey and Zain Ibad Khan have reprised their roles as Yash and Chikki and their life is going through a lot of ups and downs with the entry of this baby in their lives.

Zayn added on how he is working hard to develop a bond with him: "I try to gain his attention. If you talk or fight in front of this baby, he will just look at what's happening and stop crying. Now, what we are doing is making funny noises, mostly me, running here and there. It's kind of a very beautiful thing also and a tough situation also, because we have to shoot a lot in a day. Chikki and I are trying really hard to make the baby comfortable."

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