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Internet isn't pleased with PC on Alexandra Cooper's podcast after being called gay

IANS | May 16, 2023 04:49 PM

MUMBAI: Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is receiving a lot of positive response to her streaming show 'Citadel', recently graced Alexandra Cooper's podcast 'Call Her Daddy'. While during the podcast she spoke about her life in the U.S., winning Miss World pageant, her career in India and also the bullying she faced in U.S. schools, a section of people on the Internet are not pleased with the actress's decision to appear on the podcast.

The reason behind the same is an old podcast by Alexandra and Sofia Franklyn from 2020.

In the said podcast, they called Priyanka and Nick Jonas "the most annoying couple."

"I find them very unattractive like I want to punch them, " said one of them as another laughed.

Alexandra went on to say during the podcast: "Priyanka is a lesbian and Nick has big nipples syndrome. I just want Priyanka to stop using him as her beard, " to which Sofia agreed.

It didn't stop here, they even went about passing mean remarks about the couple's sex life. "They are constantly posting to prove to the world that they are in love with each other, is disgusting and repulsive, " Alexander further said.

PC's fans since then have been expressing their disappointment and were unanimously against the women's comments. They also questioned the actress's choice to appear on Alexandra's podcast. "I love pri but please research first before going on podcasts, " wrote a fan. "Wait WHAT?!? Didn't Pri just go on her show?! I'm so confused. And mad now. How repulsive of this host, " another commented.

"@alexandracooper @sofiafranklyn you know what? You've been called out! You are going to get cancelled soon!! Poor Pri, she was so nice to her, her team @team_pc_ should've been a little more responsible. Not just this podcast is hateful but also racist, sexist and homophobic as well! They were literally body Shaming Pri and Nick! Kindly take immediate action against them! Disturbing, " another fan comment.

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