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Nakul Anand leads the list of top hoteliers in the world

November 02, 2019 02:20 PM

NEW DELHI:This Delhi University Alumni, tops the list of corporate hoteliers of the world. Director on the Board of ITC for almost a decade, Nakul Anand has been named Hotels 2019 Corporate Hotelier of the World. The economics graduate has also been the Managing Director of erstwhile ITC Hotels Limited during the period and also has the charge of the Lifestyle Retailing Business.

Anand has come a long way since his management trainee days at ITC Hotels back in 1978.

Striving to take hospitality to new heights what Nakul enjoys most about his profession is that "hotels is a business of businesses--it has no monotony, " he reveals to Hotels magazine for their Special Report. From working the graveyard shift as night manager, today he tops the group and the industry. It's his vision and commitment that he is known for amongst peers and friends. Not only has he gone beyond the call of duty as the article reveals, but he has also led ITC hotels to pioneer in the concept of �Responsible Luxury' which is not the focus point of all hotel chains. Sustainable hospitality was what he was working on rather than napping on breaks as a youngster thus, securing LEED� Platinum certifications for all ITC premium luxury hotels.

Influential and powerful roles like the President of the Hotel Association of India, past Chairman of the CII National Tourism Committee, Member of the National Tourism Advisory Council constituted by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Chairman of the Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality, Member of the Executive Committee of the Hotel Association of India and Member of the India-Sri Lanka CEOs Forum, are the many other duties that keep him busy.

Anand also revels to Hotel magazine that the mantra he follows is "a level 5 manager is one that, when there is failure, he looks at the mirror first to see what did I do wrong? When there is success he looks out of the window to see who helped me get the success� Nothing is a given."

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