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Pathankot terror attack hints at Police,politician nexus with drug mafia

January 04, 2016 02:24 PM
Satinder Bains

By Satinder Bains
CHANDIGARH: The terrorist attack on Pathankot air base may be real but on the sidelines of it, the role of police and political eastablishment comes under suspicion and also put a question mark on the motive of Pathankot SP Salwinder Singh moving around without security in the border area and his sudden encounter with the terrorists.

The questions are being raised over the activities of drug mafia on the Indo-Pak border and involvement of police and political leaders in the drug trafficking. The Punjab Police had misled the state and center government and for over 12 hours it allowed terrorists a free run. The emphasis was not to locate the terrorists but to hide the facts about movement of SP under supicious circumstances.

The key question is was it a coincident that terrorists kidnapped SP at gun point or he (SP) had facilitated the entry of terrorists from across the border? When personal staff of SP called on mobile of SP, the terrorists took the call and came to know the person they have kidnapped is a senior police officer. Why the terrorists spared his life and when SP came to know he was kidnapped by terrorists why he didnt fired at them
from the service revolver he was carrying. What was the motive of killing driver whose body was found later.

The central intelligence agencies are questioning the SP and his accompalice. Punjab Police has now registered a case of kidnapping of SP by unidentified persons. What purpose it would solve except from protecting the skin of SP ? It is also pertinent to note that state government kept quite on the kidnapping of SP and his allegations that he was kidnapped by terrorists till the time the terrorists actually attacked the Pathankot

The Patrhankot terrorist attack must be seen in the background of terrorist attack at Dinanagar police station where seven policemen including a SP were killed and all the terrorists were also eliminated in an opeation launched by Punjab Police. At that questions were raised on the role of Punjab Police and Punjab Government for not allowing the army to conduct the operation and also not handing over the investigation of case to National Investigative agency set up by center government to combat terrorism. Why the Punjab Government insisted Punjab Police is capable of handling anti-terrorist operation.

Since all the terrorists in Dinanagar and Pathankot operations were killed, their identity could not be eastablished. Why efforts were not made to catch any of terrorist alive in Dinanagar and Pathankot ? Yet another question comes to mind were the terrorists killed in both operations had crossed over from Pakistan and who facilitated their infiltration. It is BSF or Punjab Police ? BSF has denied that any terrorist had crossed
over from across the border.

It is well known fact that terrorism and drug mafia always operate in collussion with the connivance of local police and political leaders. Maxico is the best example to explain the activities of drug mafia which runs the government in proxy. It is drug mafia which is also involved in human trafficking from Maxico to USA. Only yesterday, the newsly elected Mayor in Mexico was killed within seven ours of taking oath. It was suspected
that drug mafia was behind the killing. Punjab unfortunately is slipping out of hand and drug mafia is strengthening its roots. It is high time that center government takes the note of terrorist attacks in Punjab which is new phenomena. Never in the past terrorists from Pakistan targeted Punjab even though local militancy existed here for over ten years.

As being alleged by certain quarters, the terrorist attacks may also be part of election strategy of certain parties to divert the attention of people from key issues and to fade away the impact of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). It is however anybody's guess.

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