Tuesday, March 09, 2021


Work boycott on February 3 by power engineers against privatization

VINOD GUPTA | January 18, 2021 01:46 PM

CHANDIGARH: Power engineers across the country shall resort to token work boycott
and hold protest meetings on 3rd February against privatization
policies of government oo India said V K Gupta spokesperson of All India Power
Engineers Federation (AIPEF)

Shailendra Dubey Chairman AIPEF in a letter to Prime Minister that power engineers are grieved over the central government’s move towards the power sector privatization through Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 & Standard Bidding Document for total privatization of distribution of electricity. They are
opposing conversion of public monopoly to private monopoly.
V K Gupta said that the policy of Privatisation was
slowly destroying the public sector across the country while giving
huge benefits to selected corporates.
Privatization and targeted benefits to chosen corporates was the root cause
of farmers' agitation.AIPEF expresses solidarity to struggling
organisations of peasants whose one of the main demands is
withdrawal of Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020.
AIPEF demands a withdrawal process of privatization of electricity from the public the sector to private companies in states and union territories. The other demands are scrapping of electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 & standard bidding document for total privatization of distribution of electricity and reintegrate all power utilities in states with function components of generation, transmission, and distribution like KSEB Ltd & HPSEB Ltd.
Electricity (Amendment) Bill in its present form is not acceptable.
Before going for more amendments in the electricity sector Government should constitute an expert committee to review the result of so-called reforms done in the last 25 years in the power sector which has landed Discoms in a very alarming financial crisis.

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