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Reflections are here in the Mahabharta, Are we ready to accept them?

Yadavindra S Rana | January 25, 2021 03:11 PM

CHANDIGARH: Prophecy made thousand of years ago in the Mahabharta seems true in the present
days. It was forecast in relics that states: “Terrible wars and demonic diseases will decimate the
human race; and savage, cold and scathing heat, scorching drought and sweeping floods will
terrorize the people.” Terrible wars, demonic diseases, savage, cold and scathing heat, scorching
drought and sweeping floods have decimated the human race across the world.
According to UN Climate Report states that more than 200 million people could have been
forced from their native lands by rising sea levels, floods and drought by 2050. COVID-19 will kill
million of people. Himalayan glaciers could shrink from the present five lakh square kilometers to
one lakh square kilometers by 2030 and global warming could cause more hunger in poor countries
in Asia and Africa. Global farm potential might increase with a rise of three degrees Celsius in
temperatures and up to 40 animal and plant species face extinction as rising temperatures destroy
the ecosystems that support them.
The report also stamped the prophecy of the Mahabharata that the temperature rises to
three degrees Celsius by 2050 spell disaster for both humanity and environment. Complete changes
in weather process have raised eye brows of many experts. By 2050 the report warns, more than
200 million people could have been displaced due to floods and drought, with many more facing
early deaths from malnutrition and heat and cold stress. The report is pointing to a potentially
catastrophic set of developments that will decimate the humanity.
Even a half-metre rise in sea levels would have catastrophic effects in Bangladesh and some
island states. The report predicts that Himalayan glaciers will melt away affecting thousand of
millions of people. If current warning rates are maintained, Himalayan glaciers could decay at very
rapid rates shrinking to one lakh square kilometer t from five lakh square kilometer.
In a bid to westernize ourselves, we have discarded our rich wealth of Vedas and Sanskrit
(which is also known as the language of Gods) those are a store house of knowledge of every
fields—science, research, health, astronomy, technology etc. In such a scenario, Bharat can show the
way to the world through its thousand of years work put by the saints.
We stand now where two roads diverge—the road we have long been travelling, is
deceptively easy, a smooth super highway on which we progress with great speed but at its end lies
disaster as already said in the relics. The other fork of the road, the one less travelled by, offers our
last only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the mother earth. Reflections
of the Mahabharta are right here; Are we ready to accept them?

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