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Property Federation Chandigarh Urges Reconsideration of Heritage Committee Decision

YS RANA | September 16, 2023 08:14 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Property Federation Chandigarh (Regd) convened its Annual General Body Meeting under the leadership of Mr Kamaljit Singh Panchhi at Hotel Sunbeam, Sector-22, Chandigarh.

This significant gathering witnessed the presence of eminent members, including JD Gupta, Narinder Singh, Amit Jain, SA Khan, Sanjay Jain, Inderjit Singh, Naresh Bansal, Tarlok Singh, Navdeep Sharma, and others. During the meeting, the focus was squarely on the decision taken at the Heritage Committee meeting on September 14th, 2023, headed by the Hon'ble Advisor to the Administrator of Chandigarh, The Heritage Committee concluded that there was no requirement for a review regarding the redensification of city phases from 1 to 30 sectors. However, it was stated that the Chandigarh Administration could make a decision concerning share-wise property registration, aligning with the Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgment.

In response to this decision, Kamaljit Singh Panchhi and the attending members have earnestly urged the Advisor to reconsider the Heritage Committee's verdict. They propose sending the matter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, with certain amendments to the heritage status of sectors 1 to 30, aimed at addressing the concerns of the public. Members argue that at least reinstate share wise registries in sectors even if in a limited capacity, starting from sector 31 onwards because nothing is mentioned about these sectors in orders of the Supreme Court, this approach would provide partial relief to affected individual. The Chandigarh Administration will also earn more revenue in the form of stamp duty. Property Federation Chandigarh has an honest approach while making requests to the administration.

In addition to the heritage committee issue, the meeting also delved into the daily operations of the Estate Office, where numerous pending files have resulted in public-facing problems. As a proactive step, the attendees resolved that a delegation from the Property Federation Chandigarh would soon meet with the Finance Secretary of Chandigarh to address this pressing matter. The Property Federation Chandigarh remains committed to safeguarding the interests of its members and the larger public.

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