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BJP councilors meet MC Commissioner to declare Budget meeting of March 6 illegal and recover expenses of meeting

Y.S.Rana | March 08, 2024 07:18 AM

CHANDIGARH: On Thursday, BJP Councillors lodged a complained to the MC Commissioner and demanded to declare March 6 Budget meeting illegal and sought recovery of expenses of the meeting from Mayor Kuldeep Kumar Dhalor.

They met Commissioner Anindita Mitra and submitted the complaint while terming the action of the budget meeting called by the Mayor Kuldeep Kumar as illegal.

They said lakhs of rupees were wasted and spent on food, breakfast, videography and for the preparation of this meeting, which was not tenable under the law. A complaint has been filed under Section 416 of the MC Act demanding recovery of the expenses from Mayor Kuldeep Kumar.

The delegation of all BJP councillors under the leadership of BJP State General Secretary Amit Jindal and Hukam Chand met and submitted a written complaint to the Secretary Government, Local Government and Municipal Corporation Commissioner. It has been said that the budget meeting called by Mayor Kuldeep Kumar at MC on 6 February is illegal and meaningless because the budget is first placed before the F and CC.

The F and CC has not even been formed yet, hence without the FandCC discussing the budget in the House presented is illegal and void in its entirety. Not only this, objection had already been raised regarding this, on which legal opinion was also taken by the administration and despite the Municipal Corporation Secretary informing the Mayor about postponing the meeting with the said legal opinion, the Mayor ignored the rules and postponed the meeting.

The meeting and budget were discussed, thus the meeting is illegal and void and the proceedings of these meetings are also void under sections 405, 406, 422 and 423. The BJP councilors have also said that this illegal meeting was held despite the corporation Secretary refusing to do so and lakhs of Rs were spent on lunch, breakfast, videography etc. for the preparation of that meeting. Thus, the expenses should be recovered from Mayor Kuldeep Kumar.

BJP councilors also alleged Mayor Kuldeep Kumar AAP and Congress councillors consider themselves above the law and that they may misuse their position in future too, which is highly condemnable, it is necessary to stop them from doing so. Strict action should be taken against them. And it should be ensured that these people do not misuse their position and take any such step in future.

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