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Begging is a crime but who cares

Y.S.RANA | November 15, 2020 08:03 PM

CHANDIGARH: If begging is a common crime, it also is the least punishable. Laws do exist in this regard but these laws often get flouted with impunity and the beggary has now criminalized. One can spot beggars in almost every nook and cranny despite several government drives to eliminate begging.

It is a common scene when the importunate beggars have invaded the city. Of late, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of mysterious figures on the prowl in Chandigarh. Though the officials of the social department armed with legal power to check on begging in the city yet no respite is seen.

They stretch their hands for alms they do not seem to be infirm or emaciated even during COVID 19 without any masks or keeping the social distance they will circle your vehicle.  Beggars as always have a raft of tricks up their sleeves to make sure that their bowls never go empty.

A friend of mine revealed that most of the so-called beggars seen were only indulging in it as a “part-time” job. They earn more through this easier business. He also stated that a beggar in Chandigarh took the service of a taxi to move one place to other. While the country is still counted in the list of fastest developing nations, its economy tells a different story altogether. Being counted in the not so rich countries India’s begging Industry makes more revenue than companies like Flipkart.

Like every field where ‘professionalism’ is required, beggars are also employing innovative means to ensure success. Blackmailing on the grounds of religion, superstition or sympathy is the topmost tool in their armour. Earlier, sympathy was the major tool to compel people to dig into ‘their pockets but with change in time, beggars have become more ‘pushy.’

It is a psychology as to how long it will take to melt a person’s heart. Some can encounter with female beggars with small kids naked or cover with rags in their laps, male beggars with amputated or tied limbs in oversized clothes carrying monkeys and snakes dressed as ‘gods’. They of course know that their religiously-inclined countrymen would not disappoint them. Beggars at every light points can be seen carrying baby in their arms or laps extracting money from the drivers by planking themselves on vehicle bonnets.

As per estimate there are over five lakhs beggars in the country and more than 40, 000 children are kidnapped every year to put them in begging profession. Obviously there is a connection between the system and these beggars who have criminalized the profession. They are not exploit the emotions of people but also innocent people who deserve a better life.

If you want to make a good deed donate to a charity and help in ending the begging business in India.        

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