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Technology-mediated learning environments, such as plagiarism detection systems

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | December 21, 2020 03:50 PM

If you are eager to learn about the technological advancements in learning systems, then you have entered the right page. In this article, we are going to tell you about the different services which have improved the learning environment and have made academic life easy for both students and teachers. Below we have mentioned some important tools like the plagiarism checker program using which you can realize that today we need technology to survive. Without modern technology, we would be living a handy, capped life. 

Technology mediated tools used in learning environments!

Read these tools and try using them if you have not used them yet.

Plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools

The online plagiarism checker by smallseotools is an excellent tool that can be used by both students and teachers. You must know that plagiarism is the biggest academic dishonesty. If your work has plagiarism then you will not only lose your credibility, but you will also face negative marking, F grade in the subject, Loss of credit hours, and even expulsion in severe cases. If you use the plagiarism detector by smallseotools, you can avoid submitting duplicate content to your teachers. Teachers can also use this copyright checker to screen any duplication in work submitted to them. This plagiarism checker is free with no limitations to check plagiarism. You can check 1000 words in one go. The interference of this plagiarism tool is also very simple and easy to use.


This is an excellent tool for students. If a student wants to learn how to improve his writing skills, then Grammarly is the answer to all these his/her questions. One must know that this online writing assistant tool can help you create essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, and even novels. You can use Grammarly online, and you can also download it and use it with the word as an ad-on. Grammarly can scan your work for all sorts of mistakes like spellings, grammar, punctuation mistakes. Grammarly can convert weak content into a good quality one in less than minutes. The tool’s working is based on AI, and this is how it provides you with solutions for every mistake it finds in your input.


Suppose you as a student are not an expert in managing your deadlines or have a problem communicating with your teacher. In that case, you can always get help from Trello. Trello is a very versatile tool cum app. The core purpose of this service is to work as a time-management tool. Trello has gained applause from educationists in this covid-19 pandemic time. Students and teachers can make an account with Trello or register with their Google accounts. This tool connects both parties in a remarkably interesting way. Teachers can easily assign new work to their students on Trello, and students can update them about the progress by using different options offered by Trello.


This is another online source that helps in the virtual engagement of teachers and students. Zoom is a calling/meeting application, just like Skype. Teachers and students can easily use it to connect themselves formally in a virtual classroom. Zoom has more than millions of users all across the globe, and this is just because of its quality services. Zoom has both free and paid versions, and you can select the one which fulfills your requirements.


This is another online tool that is specially designed for teachers/educationists. This is a virtual system using which a teacher can create fun educational activities and games for their students. These activities, games, quizzes can easily be solved by students on their smartphones, laptops, and even on tablets. The teacher can retrieve the results of the activities. Using these results, a teacher can evaluate and modify the lesson plans for weak students!


This online tool is one that can help you create multimedia presentations free of cost. Suppose you want to make attractive presentations, interactive maps, quizzes, and even timelines. In that case, this is the best tool to serve the purpose. Both students and teachers can use this technological tool for free. It is compatible with all devices so you can use it anywhere you want. The adaptable interface of this tool makes it a lovable one for all kinds of users.

Thing Link

One should know that today students are more interested in learning through visual content, including creative interactive sounds, music clips, text, photographs, and images. You can easily create this kind of content mixed with educational content using this tool. This online tool also has integrations with social media tools so you can also use it for professional marketing. Thing link is one of the only tools on the web that provides teachers with the opportunity to create interesting and modern learning methodologies. 

Using these tools can help you understand how education and learning systems have been revolutionized by modern technology. You will also get to know about the importance of having and using these modern Plagiarism checkers for different purposes!

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