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LPU’s Fashion Student showcased their collections at Lifestyle Week in Gurgaon

ASHOK KAURA | May 20, 2024 10:06 PM

PHAGWARA: LPU school of fashion design presented its exceptional talents at the esteemed 'Lifestyle Week 2024' held at Gurgaon. This was a huge experience for them, as they shared the ramp on a national level with top designers. The two-day extravaganza witnessed a fusion of creativity and innovation as LPU designers showcased their latest collections.

Students presented their dresses on the Eclat-Eleve theme. In a symphony of style and ingenuity, students graced the runway with their meticulously crafted designer garments, captivating audiences with their unique vision and craftsmanship. From avant-garde designs to timeless classics, the showcase exemplified the exceptional talent and dedication fostered at LPU's school of fashion design.

LPU students had worked on myriad concepts, ranging from Korean pop culture to Indian mythology. Shubham Singh developed a brilliant digitally printed collection adorned with intricate details, highlighting the present generation's obsession with social media. K. Lekshmey took a modern approach by incorporating 3-D printed structures in her garments. Lovleen Kaur intricately visualised the delicate fungi that form on the human body. Shivani S. Gangadharan had meticulously combined her physics background with fashion to create breath-taking silhouettes.

LPU Chancellor Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal, commended the students for their remarkable journey from campus to the national stage. He emphasised the importance of such platforms in providing invaluable exposure to the fashion industry and encouraging students to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The gala event attracted elite personalities from the fashion world, along with thousands of enthusiasts eager to witness the latest trends and styles. Serving as a melting pot of creativity, lifestyle week provided a platform for designers to unveil their latest creations and envision the future of fashion.

LPU's commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the runway, with on-campus placements offered to students in collaboration with renowned national and international companies. Through partnerships with esteemed fashion houses and institutions in leading fashion capitals such as Italy, France, Greece, and Spain, LPU empowers students to explore global opportunities and refine their skills on an international stage.

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