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International Anti Corruption Day was celebrated at MLU DAV College Phagwara

ASHOK KAURA | December 09, 2021 08:37 PM

PHAGWARA:International Anti Corruption Day was celebrated at MLU DAV College
Phagwara under the guidance of Dr. Kiranjeet Randhawa Principal of the
college. It is observed on December 9 globally to raise awareness on
the importance of a corruption free society.

The Day also provides an
opportunity to recommit to collective action in preventing and
addressing corruption. A seminar was organised for students to spread
awareness against corruption because it is a major obstacle in the
development of society and the country. Poetry recitation and slogan
writing competition was conducted . Students gave speeches and shared
their personal views during seminar. In general terms, corruption
means unfair benefits given for doing legitimate or illegitimate work.
This benefit can be in a financial form which is called bribery or it
can be in some other way. It is a serious crime especially for
developing countries. It slows down the pace of social and economic
development. It also affects national security . Millions of people
are unable to get proper education, health care facilities and other
facilities just due to corruption. Dr. Randhawa said corruption is a
widespread phenomenon in today’s public life. It affects all areas of
society. It is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving the
sustainable Development Goals. It has been seen that a person who is
in power misuse people due to which people generally loose their
freedom, health, life and future. Corruption affects every country,
region, community and no one is immune to this crime. Therefore, we
should take part in fighting against corruption . She further said the
Government can tackle corruption only if serious efforts are made to
improve the socio-economic conditions of the people. Proper
utilization of funds is necessary in the sectors of health, education
and infrastructure. Reducing the size of bureaucracy would also reduce
corruption by limiting the scope of public bureaucracy interaction.
However, the urgent need of the hour is to adopt a zero tolerance
attitude towards corruption.

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