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IIT Ropar celebrated birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

PUNJAB NEW EXPRESS | October 03, 2020 01:41 PM

ROPAR: IIT Ropar organized the online ceremony at the institute on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On this occasion, the Director of IIT Ropar, Prof. Sarit Kumar Das shared his thoughts about how one should bring the life and values of Mahatma Gandhi in his daily work.
Prof. Sarit Kumar Das said, “That while doing any work, the three elements called purpose, creativity and honesty have an ordinary importance.”
Prof. Das said that Mahatma Gandhi is called Mahatma because he gave importance to human values as much as he gave importance to the success of his goal. Prof. Das said that Mahatma Gandhi ji lit the torch of the freedom movement while preserving human values.
Prof. Das said that if we see the whole sequence of life of Mahatma Gandhi, then we will find that he has proved that to be a good man it is more important to be an honest person than it is necessary to be an intellectual.

And today the whole world needs such honest people.
In his address Prof. Das said that Mahatma Gandhi is relevant even after so many years because he kept the above three elements i.e purpose, creativity and honesty in the attainment of objectives. He also appealed to everyone that honesty should never be compromised for self-benefit.

On this occasion, the acting Registrar of the Institute, Shri Ravinder Kumar thanked him for sharing inspiration from Gandhiji's values. Also announced the results of the speech competition organized to commemorate the 150th Gandhi Jayanti.

Mr. Punit Garg, Assistant Registrar, IIT Ropar gave vote of thanks. This program was conducted by Dr. Arun Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar.

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