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How are TET and CTET Exams Useful for Teaching Aspirants?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | May 11, 2022 11:52 AM

Teaching is one of the noblest pursuits that helps build the foundation of a solid and intelligent society. Interactive discussions and a teacher's hard work help shape innumerable students' ideas, characters, and futures. Since teaching is a lucrative profession, it attracts a lot of aspirants who wish to teach at a secondary level. 

Those who have already started their journey on this path must have come across at least two exams—TET and CTET. Both are crucial for recruiting suitable candidates for teaching positions in schools. This recruitment falls under both the state government and the central government. 

Besides offering a teacher's job, these exams open doors to many more job vacancies. If you are a teaching aspirant navigating your way through all the tests that you may have to take, this article will help you out. 

Exams for Teaching Aspirants

Every year, lakhs of aspirants show interest in building a career in academia by teaching at different levels of education. Therefore, the education ministry in India has streamlined the process through a set of exams, which include:

  • TET Exam: A Teacher Eligibility Test qualifies aspirants to teach under the government or private, unaided and aided categories.
  • CTET: A Central Teacher Eligibility Test qualifies aspirants to teach in schools that fall under the administration of the central government. 
  • NET: A National Eligibility Test qualifies candidates to teach at a collegiate level and pursue a research fellowship. 
  • SLET or SET: A State Level Eligibility Test qualifies candidates for lectureship only.
  • PRT, TGT, PGT: These exams are for three levels of teaching positions. A PRT teacher can offer education up to the 5th class, a TGT teacher can teach till the 10th class, and a PGT teacher is qualified to conduct classes till the 12th grade. 

From the list mentioned above, TET and CTET are two of the most common entrance exams to begin your teaching career at the state government and central government levels. 

TET or Teacher Eligibility Test

The Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted at the state level every year. These exams include UPTET, Bihar STET, MAHA TET, REET, PSTET, TNET, MP TET, PSTET, etc.

Once candidates successfully qualify for the TET exam, they are eligible to teach in schools run only by the respective state governments.

For instance, a candidate who qualifies for the MAHA TET or Teacher Eligibility Test for Maharashtra is only eligible to teach in that state. There is an age limit criteria for candidates to appear for TET which varies from state to state. 

CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the Central Teacher Eligibility Test twice a year. Candidates who appear and qualify for the CTET are eligible to teach at primary and elementary levels in schools falling under the central government. These schools include Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangatham (KVS), Navodya Vidyalaya Samiti Army (NVS) and ERDO. The exam is conducted nationally and has no age limit. 

A CTET certificate also qualifies candidates to teach in several union territories, unlike the TET. Its qualification opens up a more extensive scope for promotion, which includes the position as a senior teacher in Upper Primary School and a principal in higher grade schools.  

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