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4 Essentials to Look for in a Boarding School

April 02, 2020 01:49 PM

Sending your child off to a boarding school is a big decision. You need to have trust in the institution that will take care of your child as much as you would do at home.If you are searching for a boarding school in Delhi, make sure you start planning in advance to ensure you do not miss out on any of the facilities. The essential things to look for in a boarding school depends primarily on your child’s needs. Take out time to visit different schools’ websites to have your options open.

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Enrolling your child in areliable boarding school in Delhinot only will advance his/her learning experience but also boosts character development. The aim of residential schools is to foster independence and to provide students with a unique educational setting. It is crucial to pick a school with all the necessaryamenities and the best educational experience.

Below are 4essential things you must look for in a boarding school in Delhi:

  • Reputation

One of the criticalthings to check for in a boarding school in Delhi is its reputation. It tells a lot about an institution and its functioning. You can enquire about the alumni’s experience and check reviews online to get an idea about the values the school holds. It will also give a sense of peace as you will be assured of its reliable history.

Choosing a boarding school in Delhi is an investment that will be the foundation for your child’s future and, therefore, must be chosen wisely.

  • Learning Approach

Different schools have different educational outlooks that makes them unique. So, identify how a boarding school in Delhi educates children and whether you agree with that approach or not.Ask yourself questions regarding the choice of board, whether you want CBSE, ICSE OR IB, any specific add-on subject or does the school offer college counselling sessions.

After deciding on the specifications, you need, check their availability in the list of boarding school in Delhi.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

For well-rounded education, extra-curricular activities are a vital part. Interactive activities help students form better human bonds and develop social skills in them. Before narrowing down a boarding school in Delhi, look for the list of extra-curricular activities they have within the campus. It will help your child enhance their critical thinking and instill leadership qualities.

  • Teaching Staff

Visiting a boarding school in Delhi is essential before the admission process. Get to know the teachers and staff of the institution as they will be the ones taking care of your child day and night. See if they have a psychologist or speech therapist to help your child with any such issues.

Choosing a boarding school in Delhi for your child is a big decision. It requires careful research as your child will be spending the most crucial years of his/her life there. So, interact with the teaching staff beforehand to make sure it is the right decision.

Trust Your Gut

Selecting a boarding school in Delhi comes down to the unique qualities of each school and your child. The unique culture and mission of each institution will serve your child’s life differently. You must also remember that to find the best fit for your child, make sure he/she is also comfortable in the school environment.

Reputable residential schools such as Genesis Global School are equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure to provide your child with a comfortable home away from home. They offer an extensive range of sports as well as extra-curricular activities for your child’s overall growth and enriching experience.

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