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Vakilsearch becomes India’s largest legal, tax & compliance platform- announces a partnership with Chugh LLP

October 15, 2019 10:07 PM

Chugh LLP, a leader in immigration law and practice, business registration & business support in the United States has partnered with Vakilsearch, India’s pioneering and largest legal tech platform. The strategic partnership with Chugh LLP comes with an aim to build the world’s largest tech platform.
Chugh LLP which is based out of the United States has services in India, Canada, Pakistan and South America. To strengthen their expertise in India, and be a part of the legal tech platform, Chug LLP has partnered with Vakilsearch.
In a mission to make legal simple, VakilSearch aims at easing the process of legal service and helping the legal community to network better. With the ongoing advancements in technology, there is a huge rise in tech startups. Therefore, VakilSearch has been one of the pioneering startups that has simplified the legal needs of businesses and individuals.
“We at Vakilsearch help companies and individuals process their legal papers with ease. We work with a lot of startups and Small and Medium businesses. Our primary area of practice has been tax, company incorporations, and compliance services on a digital platform. The association with Chugh will definitely help us reach out to bigger corporates nationally and internationally. There are a lot of companies wanting to set up their base in India. Therefore, we strongly believe this partnership will help us tap the area of corporate immigration, ” says Hrishikesh Datar, CEO, Vakilsearch.

India has been the go-to destinations for corporate expansions, mergers and acquisitions. Speaking on the partnership, Navneet Chugh, Founder, Chugh LLP says, “We are delighted to partner with the incredibly dynamic team at Vakilsearch; As they blaze along their journey of transforming legal, tax and compliance in India. Our vision at Chugh LLP is to reshape our industry and we couldn't have asked for a better partnership in India. Additionally, technology has brought drastic changes in business and communication. And we are tirelessly coping with this rapid advancement. This partnership is sure to bring opportunities in the legal tech sector.”

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