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The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Styles and Designs

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | November 29, 2023 05:07 PM

The journey to finding the perfect engagement ring can be an exciting and overwhelming experience altogether. This small but significant piece of jewellery represents your love, commitment, and the promise of a lifetime together. Selecting the right engagement ring style and design is not only a reflection of your partner's unique personality but also a testament to the love you share.

In this ultimate guide, let’s explore the world of engagement ring styles and designs, delving into their symbolism, the fundamentals of engagement and wedding rings, professional settings, and the art of ring layering and stacking. By the end of this journey, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed and heartfelt choice.

The Symbolism of Rings

Engagement rings, specifically, hold even deeper meanings. They are a symbol of love, commitment, and the promise of a shared future. The traditional placement of the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand is rooted in ancient beliefs.


Source: Mia by Tanishq

Understanding these symbolic aspects will help you approach the process of choosing an engagement ring with a deeper appreciation for its significance.

Engagement and Wedding Rings: The Basics

When it comes to engagement and wedding rings, it's essential to differentiate between the two. An engagement ring is traditionally given as a promise of marriage, symbolising your commitment to each other. On the other hand, a wedding ring is exchanged during the marriage ceremony itself and is worn alongside the engagement ring.

Now, let's explore the important aspects of engagement rings:

  1. Metal: Engagement rings are typically made from various precious metals, with platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold being popular choices. Each metal has its unique qualities, so consider your partner's style and skin tone when selecting the metal.
  2. Setting: The setting of the ring holds the gemstone in place. Common settings include solitaire, halo, three-stone, and cluster settings. Each offers a distinct look and can dramatically impact the overall design of the ring.
  3. Cut: The cut of the gemstone determines its shape, brilliance, and fire. Popular cuts include round, princess, cushion, and emerald, among others. The choice of cut should reflect your partner's taste.
  4. Carat Weight: The size of the gemstone is measured in carats. Consider your budget and your partner's style when deciding on the carat weight. Keep in mind that a smaller stone with excellent quality can be just as striking as a larger one.

Professional Settings: Dos and Dont’s

When it's time to shop for the perfect engagement ring, it's essential to navigate the process with professionalism and consideration. Below are mentioned some dos and don'ts you must keep in mind:


  1. Budget: Determine a realistic budget before shopping. This will help you bring down your options and avoid spending more.
  2. Research: Do your research on different styles, designs, and gemstone options.
  3. Ring Size: Find out your partner's ring size, either by measuring an existing ring they wear or by discreetly asking their close friends or family.
  4. Consider Lifestyle: Take your partner's lifestyle into account. A more active lifestyle may call for a sturdier setting, while an office-based lifestyle may allow for a more intricate design.


  1. Impulse Buying: Avoid making a rushed decision. Take your time to find the perfect ring that truly represents your partner's style.
  2. Ignoring Your Partner's Tastes: While it's essential to surprise your partner, make sure the ring aligns with their preferences. You can gather hints from their style, existing jewellery, or conversations about rings.
  3. Oversharing: Keep the proposal a surprise. Avoid sharing too many details about the ring or the proposal plan with too many people, as it increases the chances of the secret being revealed.

Ring Layering and Stacking: Dos and Dont’s

Once you've found the perfect engagement ring, you can further enhance its beauty and symbolism through ring layering and stacking.


Source: Mia by Tanishq

This involves wearing multiple rings on the same finger or across different fingers. Here are some dos and don'ts for this artful practice:


  1. Consider Your Style: Think about your personal style and what complements your engagement ring. You can mix metals, textures, and gemstones to create a unique and personalised look.
  2. Tell a Story: Use ring stacking to tell a story. Incorporate rings that have sentimental value or represent significant milestones in your relationship.


  1. Overcrowd the Finger: Avoid overcrowding your finger with too many rings. It's essential to maintain a sense of balance and harmony in your ring stack.
  2. Conflict of Styles: Be mindful of combining conflicting styles that may clash with your engagement ring's design.
  3. Overlook Comfort: While aesthetics are crucial, don't sacrifice comfort. Ensure that the rings you stack are comfortable to wear daily.


Selecting the perfect engagement ring is an artful and meaningful process that involves understanding the symbolism, differentiating between engagement and wedding rings, and making informed choices about metal, gemstone, setting, cut, and carat weight. Additionally, maintaining professionalism throughout the process ensures a successful and memorable proposal.

Ring layering and stacking allow you to personalise your jewellery collection further and tell a unique story of your love and commitment. By following the dos and don'ts of this practice, you can create a stunning and meaningful combination of rings that beautifully complements your engagement ring.

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