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Skill Gaming in India for Real Money

February 27, 2020 03:24 PM

Indian law is quite clear when it comes to what is legal or not when it comes to betting. Betting on games of skill is legal, while betting on games of chance is illegal. Games of skill means games where you need concentration, expertise and intellectual investment. This type of game is not controlled by chance. These games are becoming increasingly popular in India, and we will discuss the most popular ones, as well as why they are becoming so successful.

Games of Mere Skill

In legal terms, “Games of mere skill” means games whose outcome depends predominantly excellent knowledge, experience, dexterity, abilities, intelligence and qualities of the player. Chance can play a small roll however. In this kind of game, chance plays a small role in affecting the results. 


Rummy is one of the most popular games of skill in India. In this game, you need to get three or more melds, or sets of cards from the same suit. You need to memorize the cards, keep track of your opponent’s moves and anticipate what will happen next. This takes, years of skill and practice to master.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is India’s answer to the West’s Poker. You play the game with 3 to 6 players. After several betting rounds, the player with the highest cards who is still in the game wins. Read all about Teen Patti Rules here. This game is becoming increasingly popular, as it is a game of skill. There are plenty of sites, where you can play the game online versus your peers. Several online casinos also offer live versions of the game; some have exotic rules, such as Best-of-four, Muflis, Low wild, Community, and Draw.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports originated in the US, where it is the only legal form of sports betting in most states. In Fantasy Sports, you draft a team of players. They can come from Cricket, Pro Kabaddi or Football for example. Depending on your players’ performance, you can get points. Compete against your peers to see whose team does best. If you have the most points, you win a prize. This is another way you can play for money legally in India. 

Horse Racing

While regular cricket betting is still banned in most parts of India, horse betting is 100% legal in most states. Indian bred horses compete in larger and smaller tracks all over India. To an uninformed person, horse betting may seem like pure gambling. However, it becomes a matter of skill once you figure in the time, effort, and knowledge that goes into deciding exactly on which horse to bet. 


All over India, start-ups are investing in the Skills wagering trade. Venture capitalists are investing Billions of rupees, while foreign websites are targeting Indian player. The market is estimated at $500 million, and is growing every year. 

Indian Skill-gamers

Most Indian skill gamers are young males between 20 and 44. Skill gaming offers them an interesting pastime and even a source of income to dedicated players. With increased mobile penetration in India, gamers have even better access to their favourite games, and will often spend as much as three hours a day playing.

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