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My struggles to choose between my job and my passion

January 16, 2020 12:19 PM

Closely knit societies in India
The best part of our Indian culture is our close-knit societies. Generally in the same house more than 10 - 15 people stay. We know all the people living in our surroundings. Festivals are so much fun. Everyone comes together to enjoy festivals, marriages, birthday parties, etc.

But there are some negative aspects as well. The competition with the cousins, the expectation of uncle and aunties are very high in a joint family. You are expected to behave like an ideal child. However, two children can never be the same.

Most of the people of my generation(the kids of the 80s and 90s) pursued Engineering and Medical because an older relative had already done that.

Incorrect understanding of 'Doing Good in Life

I feel the entire understanding of 'Doing Good in Life' in our societies is incorrect. People who moved out of the country to pursue further studies or to do a job are considered more successful than those who are in India. Administrative jobs are considered more reputed than any other job.

So does this mean that people who clear administrative exams are the best?

Ideally, those people should be considered successful who justify their worth in the field they are.

Can you really compare between Sachin Tendulkar and an IAS officer?

 No, not really. Both are equally talented in their own fields.

Real issues which I Encountered

Like most of you, I also pursued Engineering. Got campus placed and then got married and finally settled down. However, I still felt that something was missing. I always wanted to do something which I love to do, something which I can keep on doing without getting bored, something where I do not have to prove myself daily. I thought over it and finally decided to start writing.

Initially, I started writing about Politics and Education. In the process, I learned a lot about the nitty-gritties of Online Blogging. After two years of writing about politics and then education, I thought that I would start sharing my learnings with others.

 After all, sharing is caring. Isn’t it?

 And it was then when I started writing about Blogging.

 My struggles to choose between my job and passion

However, just starting to talk about Blogging on my Blog was not enough. Soon I realized that I started losing my interest in my corporate job.

 This seriously came as a big shocker to me. But I was financially not in the condition to leave my job for Blogging.

I started taking leaves in the office to finish my Blogging work. My wife and my parents were really concerned about my irregularities in the office.

 I decided to leave my job but faced severe resistance from my wife and parents. It was becoming tough for me to manage office work along with Blogging. I was in no mood to compromise with my Blogging career.

How I resolved the problem

I sat down and thought over it multiple times. I came to the conclusion that I cannot compromise with my passion. Entire life I did things because someone else wanted me to do but now its time to listen to my conscience.

I decided that I will continue doing Blogging. This firm stand made my mind crystal clear and I did something I wanted to do.

Blogging gave me freedom. Even though I was staying far from my hometown I started attending all family functions, festivals. Blogging gave me wings. I started focussing on my fitness. I also started taking out time for gardening. In short, Blogging gave me the life I wanted to live.

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