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The legendary Bruno Metsu

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | May 09, 2022 04:39 PM

There have been many coaches and players who have shaped the Senegalese national team into one of the most competitive squads in Africa. When visiting the betting companies in Zambia - 1xBet bookmaker offers the chance to wager on all the matches played by Senegal. 

One of the most illustrious names in the history of Senegalese football is the late Bruno Metsu. He was a French coach who had a great career in French squads, as well as African and Middle-Eastern national teams. Some of the squads that Metsu coached during his career include: 

  • Lille;
  • Guinea;
  • Qatar;
  • and of course, the Senegalese squad. 

Some of the other teams that he coached in France included Valenciennes and Sedan. The 1xBet bookmakers are betting companies in Zambia which feature all the excellent matches played in French football.

Going abroad

In 2000 Metsu was appointed as the coach of Guinea. However, he left the team only a few months later. All African squads are available at the website, where it is possible to bet from mobile devices. 

Senegal is the country where Metsu really made history. The team seemed to have low morale after being eliminated from the 2000 Africa Cup of Nations. The French coach did a huge task in trying to rebuild an unmotivated squad. 

With Metsu, Senegal were the runners-up of the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations. While they didn’t win the title, their feats made an entire country believe in them. 

The next challenge was the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The first match was against none other than France on the 31st of May. The French seemed quite confident in winning an easy match. 

Shockingly, Senegal won 1-0 with a goal scored by Papa Bouba Diop. Even the coach of the French squad back then, Roger Lemerre, publicly praised Metsu and his methods after the contest. Both France and Senegal are available to wager at the 1xBet website.

After Senegal

Metsu left the Senegalese team after the 2002 FIFA World Cup. All the editions of this cup, including all its matches are available at the website. Despite leaving the team, he had already created a deep bond with the country. He married a Senegalese woman and was considered as a national hero. Not only that, he was also credited with inspiring a new generation of players in the country, and completely transforming their football culture. 

After coaching a few other teams in the Middle East, whose tournaments are featured at the 1xBet website, Metsu was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

Bruno Metsu passed away on the 15th of October 2013. One of his last wishes was to be buried in Senegal. His corpse was taken to the country, where he was given a state funeral, and was later buried among other Senegalese heroes. 

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