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Thierry Henry is one of the best strikers for me, says Arsenal and France teammate Robert Pires

IANS | December 30, 2022 04:44 PM

NEW DELHI: Legendary attacking midfielder Robert Pires regards fellow Frenchman, Thierry Henry as one of the best forwards the world has ever seen, especially during Arsenal's Invincible season of 2003/04.

"Thierry is one of the best strikers for me. And this moment [2003-04] he was maybe number two just behind Ronaldo, the Brazilian. Thierry was an amazing, amazing player, " said Pires on the Home of Heroes show on Sports 18 and JioCinema.

Pires also believes legendary football manager Arsene Wenger is one of the finest managers in the world. "Oh, for me, Arsene is one of the best managers. I know him for a long, long time because he's French. I'm French. I used to play for Marseille. He was in Monaco and I remember because he called me six months before I joined Arsenal and for me. Yeah, it was a great call from Arsene, from Arsenal."

In the episode, ex-Brazilian footballer Gilberto Silva felt the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal was fiercer back in the past than the time when both the teams gave them a hard time.

"I think both, but I think the rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United was for me I consider bigger that time because they used to fight each other for the title. I know the time and many times when they go to Highbury was tough for them because we need to give back something. You know you play against one of your main rivals, you have to be up for it, up for the battle because it won't be easy."

On the other hand, Sol Campbell, who was also on the network's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 expert panel alongside Pires, Silva, Wayne Rooney, and Luis Figo, felt playing at Anfield, Liverpool's home ground, was harder than at Old Trafford.

"Liverpool back then�I used to find going to Anfield and playing there, harder than Manchester United. It's just one of those stadiums that you had to� like if you work on it, you really got ripped apart, you know if you weren't on it."

Mikel Arteta's Arsenal side has struggled in recent times but has come out on a thunderous note during the current season. They are the league leaders with 40 points trailed closely by defending champions, Manchester City at second place. Campbell gave a piece of advice to the squad and supporters.

"It's all about consistency now and maintaining that. if they stick together and they kind of be true to themselves and play to their maximum and be a family and be close-knitted and humble about it as well. Never lose your way. Just keep playing and keep winning. Don't get too high, and don't get too low. Be consistent then they'll do it."

"This is once in a lifetime, you have this opportunity to be there. We don't choose it, we were chosen to be there. The good thing is that look back and see that we left a good place for others. We left the club in a better place, a better position. We did the best we could. When they see Arsenal, they somehow remember a little bit of us." added Silva.

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