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Meet the Champion interaction programme with Sarthak Bhambri olympion.

YS RANA | May 07, 2022 03:18 PM

CHANDIGARH: Tokyo olympion Sarthak Bhambri interacted over 150 students of 75 government schools across Chandigarh under the “Meet the Champion” initiative at Sports Complex, Sector 43 here on Saturday. Besides students, teachers and officials of education department participated in the initiative envisioned by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inculcate the importance of balanced diet, fitness and sports among students across the country.

While speaking on the occasion, Sarthak Bhambri perceives the Meet the Champ[ion initiative to be a great way to imbibe awareness about the importance of diet and fitness not only for sports but also a major player in national building. He stressed on continuace of such interactions in future also.

He also spoke on the importance of balanced diet, sports and fitness in our daily life. He also shared anecdotes about his journey from school to olympics. He also called upon the students to take sufficient water as it was also necessary for health and growth. Surely, it will bring more passionate youngsters and will help them understand the importance of sports, fitness and balanced diet in day today life.

He was impressed by the energy of the students to listen and interaction went so well. The Meet the Champion initiative is jointly organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, and the Ministry of Education. This outreach program aims to connect India’s ace athletes with school children. He spoke at length about balanced diet, sleep and water and how important these were growth of the body.

The olympion has also answered the questions put forward by the students. A quiz contest was also held and winners were given T-shirts with Sarthak’s signature on them.

Meet the Champion programme is turning the dream of school students into reality. The aim is to acknowledge and ready them with champion qualities to face thw world in any sphere of life. The Ministry of education and Sports Authority of India are working together to run this mega plan over the next two years.

According to available data, around 75 athletes will be interacting with 75 schools pan-India over two years and spend an hour with the school students during each visit. The athletes will talk about the importance of santulit aahar (balanced diet), fitness and sports at a young age. These visits by Olympians will give school students an insight into their lives and what drives them to excel in their fields and explore.

The principal of the school thanked all the participants at the end of the event. She also thankful to Sarthak Bhambri for this encouraging speech.

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